Welcome to choti world new layout :
Hello guys, how r u all ?? :) hope fine...ah~~ this is the third layout of choti world...hope u all like it, it was not really hard making this layout...I enjoyed making this one...and I like the colours, how about u ?? It's been a long time I didn't update this site coz many things....college stuff, lazyness, making the other sites, etc. And also...well, HOT was seperated already, so no more news again from them, except news of choti members. And now h5t forum also already closed, where I can find newest info or pics of choti members again ?? =~( If anybody know, please tell me, okay ??

It's already been one year of choti world. The first time, Choti world opened on 27 november last year, and it was also the first time I learn to make a website by myself. Maybe the first layout really really simple and not really good ne ?? :) I still don't know if I must close this site or not...but I think for now I won't close it. This site can be a good memory of choti ne ?? And also I spent many times to make this site. Well, maybe choti world won't have updates anymore, until choti comeback again.....

This site is a part of pinkchibi.org, my domain site. Visit my other sites if you have free time, I'll be happy then :) Also, I make a mini kangta site, Kangta mini site. You cannot visit it now coz still many broken links inside, until now I still making the kangta mini site. Since listbot already discontinued their services, I don't know how to tell you guys if my site updated, so I just send fowarding email to you all. About download section, I also closed it, coz I don't know the good place for upload all my files, also I lazy to upload them coz my connection really slow....So, if you want winamp and ICQ skins, you could just email me, and I'll send it through email. Don't be hesitated :)

Lastly :
Okie, enough of my bablings, enjoy ur stay in here, and IF still have a broken links, just tell me in forum or guestbook (Don't forget to sign in for new comers ^^) or just email me to ichigo_pie@pinkchibi.org. So...have a nice day !! :)


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