April 2001's News

News about Tony

weLL...tony is officially not ANY part of SM! they're STILL negotiating and while negotiatiations go on that means Tony gets no help from SM not even financial so tony pays for his own apartment, doesn't have managers protecting him from the crajiEE fans, lives a normaL life..even though it's really not normal! lately he's been living on his own and b/c so many fans are coming to visit him he's been getting much complaint and the apartment place is about to raise teh price...normally SM would help him but now that he's not part of SM the owners of the apartment could rip him off and he'd probably have to pay it b/c all the fans cause so much rucus and what not! oh and the bigger news is that lee ji hoon has offered to share a house w/ tony! something like that...the news article wasn't specific but lee ji hoon proposed that they share a place to live.

News from : 4tang

Tony and Woo Hyuk seperate ???

HOT's Tony An and Jang WooHyuk have moved out of their house, which had been provided by SM Entertainment, in Seoul ChungDamDong. This is once again bringing concern to whether or not they will be resigning with SM. With their house in LA and KyunBook Goomi, Tony An and Jang WooHyuk had been living together since 1996 when HOT first started performing. Tony An, who had come back from America on the 2nd, moved into a small apartment nearby, and Jang WooHyuk has moved into his older brother's house.

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Tony will stay in Korea permanently

HOT's Tony An has decided to live in Korea permanently. He has made a decision to continue studying at DongGook University (3rd year Drama major) and also with his singing career. Tony will be applying for his Korean citizenship.

Taken from : Soompi

Tony come back to Korea

During 6:30 in the morning ... Tony returned to the country, landing in the Inchon Airport. There were approxiamately 20 fans waiting ... as were many reporters and news broadcasts. The reporters were seriously and violently pushing and shoving in hopes to reach Tony for a small interview. Pushing each other and even shoving Tony himself, SBS's "Han Bahm Ae TV YunAe" fought through Suh Jumo (one of H.O.T.'s current road managers), and managed to pull Tony and persuade him for an interview. The fans argued and protested against reporters and broadcasts to not grab and bother Tony or take pictures, as they also fought and pushed. Fans say that Tony was weak and very "pale/swollen", as quoted from 9697nim... He is currently resting at H.O.T.'s Sooksoh in Ahpkujongdong.

Taken from : Soompi

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