Chicken Soup ; "Kangta Story"

By : Cindi (

Chapter 1:

“ Why do I have to stay at his house? Why can’t I just find a dorm of my own?! I’m sure there’s lot of them in Korea!” Kangta shouted
“ Sanwan is my best friend ever since high school! I can’t trust you to be alone in Korea! So he’ll be taking care of you for me!” Yelled out Mr. Anh
“ I’m a f---en little boy anymore! I need my f---en space!” Kangta blurted out
“ Watch your language mister! This house we follow what the head of the house says and the head of the house says you’re going to stay at Sanwan’s house! Understood ?!”
“ Yes, father . . . . . “ Kangta said sadly
“ Besides you got Chany to keep you company, you and her are the exact same age.,” said Mr. Anh more calmly
“ Chany?! Awh man! I haven’t met the girl in 5 years! The last time we met, was when we were 15! And we were beating each other up 4 the last ice cream!” Kangta shouted out
“ Awh . . .. You two were cute back then. Maybe when a miracle happens you two will even become lovers!” Mr. Anh said laughing as he was walking to his room.
The Kangta scoffed “ It’ll be a miracle if we survived in the same room for 10 minutes!”
He thought to himself.
Then he went and packs his things to head 4 Korea tomorrow.

__ _________ __ ______________ ___ __________ __

“ Ugh why does he need to stay in my room?!” Chany asked with pure madness
“ Honey, he’s going to be a guest in our house and your room the only one’s that available.” Mr. Liwan said
“ Hee Jun’s room! He’s away in the states!” Chany protested
“You know how much Hee Jun hates it when people he doesn’t know goes into his Room. How could Kangta possibly stay in there?” said Mr. Liwan
“ Where am I gonna sleep then?” Chany asked
“ In Hee Jun’s room of course!” said Mr. Liwan
“ Wha . . .. What? What about two of the guest rooms?!” asked an outraged Chany?
Mr. Liwan laughed, “ Those rooms are being redecorated.” He said
“ But . . . . .”
Then her father cut her off
“ That’s enough dear I’ve made my decision he’s staying in your room! Pack your stuff! And hurry he’s coming tomorrow! Mr. Liwan shouted as he head out the door
“ Great! That guy is coming here tomorrow! Kangta . . .. Ugh! I’m, starting to hate him already!” shouted Chany

Chapter 2:

"Fasten your seatbelts everyone! We’ll be in Korean in 10 minutes. And thank you 4 riding “ Korea Airlines.”
“Huh? Huh? In Korea! Finally!” Kangta said as he yawned.
“ This is where my new life starts. New university, new home, new friends, new scenery, maybe even a new love . . . . .” He thought to himself.

____ ______________ ___ ____________ ________ _______ ________ _______

“ Is that he?” Mrs. Liwan asked
“ No, he much taller then that.” Mr. Liwan said
“ How about that guy?” asked Mrs. Liwan again?
“ No, he’s much skinnier than that.,” said Mr. Liwan really frustrated.
Then they continued to do the same thing over and over again . . ..

_____ ______ __________________ _______ _________ _________ __________

“ Where the hell are they? Did they forget they have to pick me up?” Asked Kangta really frustrated
“ Maybe that lady and that man knows Mr. Liwan . . ..”

___ _________ _________ _________ __________ ___________ _______________

“ Are you sure his plane is today?” Asked Mrs. Liwan
“Yes I’m sure. His father told me over and over again.” Said Mr. Liwan
Then Mrs. Liwan felt a light tap on her shoulder
“ Excuse me ma’am but do you know a Mr. Liwan?” asked Kangta
“ Oh, yes! I’m his wife! Are you Kangta? Asked Mrs. Liwan
“ Oh . . . Oh yes Mrs. Liwan. “ Then he insahed her.
“ Sanwan! He’s over here!” Mrs. Liwan screamed out
Then Mr. Liwan came right over.
“ You were really hard to find young man.” Mr. Liwan said laughing.
“ Oh.... I’m sorry sir . . ..” Kangta started
“ Oh it’s no problem. We should get going now eh?”
Then all three of them went and got Kangta’s baggage and then head to the car.
Then they drove over to Mr. Liwan’s house.

Chapter 3

They finally arrived at Mr. Liwan’s house.
“ Wow, their house is as big as mine.” Kangta thought.
“ Okay let’s get you in now eh?” Mr. Liwan said smiling.
They then helped Kangta carry his baggage into Chany’s room.
“ Um . . . . . I’ll be staying in this room?” Kangta asked knowing it was a girl’s room.
“ Yes . . . but don’t worry it’s only for a while, until the guestroom is finished for you to stay in.” said Mr. Liwan laughing.
“ Okay.” Kangta said really relieved
The room was not really his style . . .
Purple bed . . .. Purple curtains, Teddy bears everywhere, pictures of guys plastered all over the wall . . . . . enough said.
Then Mr.and Mrs. Liwan left for Kangta to unpack for a while.
“ So you’re Kangta huh?” asked a voice behind him
“ Uh . . .. Yeah . . .. How do you um . . . know me.” Kangta asked
Then she laughed “ My name’s Caline.”
Kangta couldn’t help but stare at her. She has such a beautiful voice . Soft skins. Beautiful smile . . . . .
“ Hi . . . Caline is this your room?” Kangta asked nervously
The she laughed again.
“ No. This is not my room. It’s too girly. I’m a little more on the earth tone side; this room belongs to my friend Chany. You know her right?” asked Caline
“ Oh, yes well not really. We haven’t met in five years.” Kangta said
“ I highly suggest you don’t interact with her yet.” Caline said
“ Why? Is she mentally challenge or something?” Kangta asked laughing
Caline laughed too.
“ No, she’s just really pissed that you have to stay in her room. She’s like cursing your name now.,” said Caline
“ Yeah . . . well that’s the Chany I hanged with every summer 4 the first 15 years of my life.” Kangta said laughing.
He couldn’t help but like Caline. She’s has those gentle eyes and everything about her is so pure.
“ Yeah, that’s our Chany.” Caline said laughing.
“ So I suggest you keep away 4rm her or she’ll kill you or something.” said Caline
“ Are you guys done making fun of me?” asked a voice behind Caline.
“ Ack! Chany!” Yelled Caline in shock. “ How much did you hear?!” asked Caline?
“ Ugh! Well! I heard you guys flirting while you use me as your subject of getting to know each other!” Both Kangta and Caline turned red
“ Wow. She’s definitely changed. Taller, longer hair, more beautiful, but still has that snotty attitude.” Kangta thought
“ We were only saying stuff that was true,” Kangta laughing
Then Caline giggled along with him.
“ How dare you Kangta? Here I am letting you stay in my room and this is how you repay me . . . By talking smack about me?” Chany asked
“ You were forced to do that by your father!” Blurted out Caline
“ Ahhhhh! What are you doing Caline! I was just going to get him to repay with something!” Chany said
“ Grow up Chany! I’ll never give you anything.” Said Kangta laughing
“ Well! You ungrateful little . . .. After all those years of me helping you . . . . .” Said Chany
“ Helping me? You were practically killing me every year whenever I came to visit!” Kangta blurted out
“ Well I wouldn’t make your life a living hell if you didn’t rip out the head of my favorite doll!” Shouted Chany
“ I was only 8! I didn’t know what I was doing!” Said Kangta
“ You and Hee Jun were always messing up my tea parties! Treating me like a little slave telling me to get this and that . . . . .. “ Said Chany
“ What about you and Hee Jun? Always pouring cold water onto me whenever I was in the shower!” Shouted Kangta
Then Chany smiled.
“ You had such a cute little tushie Kangta! All round and white and gentle . . . . ..”
Before Chany could say anymore Kangta ran to her and put his hand over her mouth.
“ Shut up ! You win! Never talk about that again!” Kangta said red to his face.
“ You started it!” Blurted out Chany
“ What are you doing here anyway?” Kangta asked
“ Uh . . .. Hello! This is my room! I just came by to get my purple dress.,” said Chany heading to the closet.
“ Purple dress? But you only wear that dress when . . .. Omigod! Is Tony back?” asked Caline jumping up and down.
“ Yes! He just called! He’s taking me out! Tonight!” Chany screamed back!
“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” they both scream
“ Okay . . . . . two wacko but good looking girls are jumping up and down and screaming in my room. What more could a guy ask for?” Kangta thought to himself
“ Sorry Kangta! I’m taken! Hee-hee!” Chany giggled as she left the room with her purple dress along with pulling Caline along too.
“ Somehow I’ll survive with the thought of that!” Kangta screamed back.
“ She hasn’t changed a bit, still as goofy and childish as ever.” Kangta thought but he couldn’t help but smile.

____ ___________ ________ ___________________ __________ ______________

“ He hasn’t changed a bit!” Chany thought to herself
“ He’s grown so much! Much taller, nice haircut, beautiful smile, but as annoying as ever!” She thought to herself.
“ Are you and him going to hook up?” asked Caline
“ Huh? Him who?” Chany asked really confused
“ Kangta . . ..”
“ Ewww! I have better taste than him you got to give me some credit Cal .” Said Chany
“ Well . . .. I just thought that you two might hook up since you get along so well . . ..”
“ Get along?! You called that in there getting along ?! No! I don’t think so! Getting along is Tony and I! Not me and Kangta!” Chany said
“ Okay whew!” Caline said
“ I’ll help you hook up with him! I’ll be the matchmaker!” Chany said to Caline
“ What? What makes you think I like him?” Caline asked as she blushed
“ Come on I’m your best friend! And the way you talked to him I know you really like him!” Chany said
“ I . . .. “
“Okay, I’ll help you’re welcome!” Then Chany ran out the door “ I g2g go make dinner now she called out! Wait! “ Then she stopped.
“ Caline can you go make dinner?” Chany asked
“ Wha . . .. I’m a guest!” Caline shouted
“ Please! I really have something important to do!” Chany pleaded
“ Okay! But you owe me sooooooo much!” said Caline
“ Thank you!” then Chany ran out the door.
“ No Caline you’re going to owe me so much when I hook you and Kangta up .” Chany said giggling . “ Kangta must really mean something to Caline to have her liking him. Don’t worry Caline I’ll help you get him.” Chany thought as she walks to her original room.

Chapter 4 :

Kangta was still unpacking when Chany went to go see him.
“Hey there Kangta!” shouted Chany running towards Kangta
“ What do you want Chany?” Kangta asked not really paying attention to her
“ Okay let’s get to the point! Kangta! I need to know how you feel!” Chany blurted out which got Kangta's attention and really scared him . . . .
“ Well uh . . . . . Chany . . . . . I . . . . . Uh, I’ve only met you for one day after 5 years . . ..
So it’s kind of early to tell how I feel about you . . .. But I know that I can’t develop those type of feelings for someone so fast . . .please don’t be broken hearted . . .”
Then Chany began to laugh her butt off.
“ You actually think . . . . . that . . .. I have those . . . . . feelings . . . . . 4 . . . YOU!” Chany said laughing uncontrollably
“ You wanted to know my feeling towards you right?” Kangta asked really confused
“ No! I wanted to know your feelings towards Caline!” said Chany
“ Oh! Caline!” Kangta said smiling
“ Oh . . . I know that smile anywhere! You like her eh?” Chany said playfully punching him
Then Kangta blushed
“ I . . . . . I . . . . . think so . . .. I don’t know . . . . . I’m not really all that sure . . . . ..” He said stammering.
“ You like Caline!” Chany sang
“ Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone else!” Kangta warned
“ No, no it’s okay she’s like you too!” Chany said happily
“ What? No way! She’s so beautiful! She can’t like a guy like me! “ Kangta said with his face towards the ground
“ Yes she can! Please let me hook both of you up!” begged Chany
“ I . . . . .” Kangta was about to answer when someone cut him off
“ I . . .. Like you too, Kangta. Um . . . . .. Will you go out with me?” said Caline walking into the room
Kangta hesitated for a moment pinching himself to see if it was a dream or not .
Then he answered
“ Sure, . . .. I . . .. I’d love too,” he answered shyly
It was weird to him cause he’s never been asked out by a girl before. He can tell Caline was really nervous. He knew right then that, that last line was taught by Chany.
“ Yes! Okay! I’ll leave you two alone now!” Chany said running to give Caline a high five then she ran out the door.
“ 9:00 o’clock tonight?” Caline asked turning her attention to Kangta
“ Yeah. Okay.” Kangta said smiling at her.
“ Okay bye.” said Caline as she left the room smiling like there was no tomorrow
“ My first day here I got asked out by a girl. This isn’t so bad."
He thought to himself and smiling like heck .
Then his cell phone rang
“ Hello?” answered Kangta in a cheery voice
“ Kangta . . . . . . .” said the female voice on the other line
“ WTF?! Who gave you my f---en number?” he asked coldly not noticing the smile on his face was wiped away
“Kangta . . . . .I know you’re in Korea right now the perfect place to do me a favor . . ..” said the girl
“ Forget it. And don’t you ever call me again!” said Kangta disconnecting the call.
Then he stood there for a momment , rubbing his forehead .
“ What am I going to do?” Kangta thought throwing himself on the bed
“ The whole point of coming to Korea is to get away from her . . .. And now . . .. She’s knows where I am at . . .. . Now it’s only a matter of time until she comes here. . . and starts to screw up my life . . . . . again . . . . ..”

Chapter 5:

“ No!” Chany shouted at Caline while she was putting the dishes in the sink and walking to the dinner table to get cups.
“ Please!” Caline begged following Chany from left to right
“ No! No way!” said Chany finally stopping in front of Caline’s face
“ Come on Chany!” Caline pleaded with both of her hands clapped together
“ No! We are not going to double date! I want to be alone with Tony! Not have two other people with us!” Chany said sternly nearly dropping the cups
“ Please! I’ll feel so much more comfortable with you around!” Caline pleaded again
“ Remember you were the one who said and I quote , unquote “Help you get him”
“ What? When did I say that to your face?” asked Chany very confused
“ Well-- . . .. You didn’t exactly say it to my face . . .. You said it while walking to Kangta’s ro--- . . ..”
“ My Room!” Chany corrected
“ Fine. YOUR room.” Caline said rolling her eyes
“ And you were supposed to be making dinner how the hell did you hear me?”
“ Well !Is it my fault that you were talking kind of loud ?! Anyway the point is you said it and I heard it so you got to let me and Kangta double date with you and Tony. I won’t be so nervous with you and Tony around . . . .” Said Caline giving Chany a very stern look
“ * Sigh * Okay ! Fine ! Me and Tony are going to that new restaurant that just opened . You know which one I’m talking about right?” Chany said finally giving in.
“ Yes ! I know which one you're talking about . Oh that place is so roma----!” Caline exclaimed
" Yeah , Yeah , yeah" Chany interupted “ I’ll tell Tony that two more people will be on the date with us .”
“ Thank you so much ! You’re such a cool friend !” Caline shrieked as she ran out the door and head to her house .
“ What I get for being a good friend .” Chany mumbled walking upstairs to her temporary room .

____________ _________ ______________ _______________ ______________

“ La-la . . . . la .. . . .” chanted Caline walking back to her home in a daze just thinking about Kangta .
Not noticing a long black limo was following her every step . It was only when she looked at herself in her mini mirror that she saw a limo in the reflection following her very closely . She began to pick up her pace and making left and right turns to try and lose the limo. While trying to calm herself down .She made her way into a dark alley and hid there for a moment . When she was sure that she had lost the limo she came out of the alley . After awhile of running she began to walk . Then all of a sudden the same long black limo stop on the sidewalk beside her . A few moments after that a guy wearing a black sunglass and a black suit came out .
“ Caline Gian. How are you ?” said the guy in a low , soft voice
“ Do I know you ?” Caline asked very frightened by the guy’s presence , but covered it up with a brave face.
“ Oh ! Please excuse me for my horrible manners . My name is HyeSung.” he said cooly while taking off his sunglasses
“ Hello , HyeSung. Uh , how did you know who I am ?”
“ That really doesn’t matter . Go to the Seoul Hotel tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.” HyeSung said harshly
“ EXCUSE ME ?! I’m not that kind of girl ! YOU f---EN PERVERTED , ASS-HOE !” shouted an outraged Caline
“ Excuse me ma’am but I’m not even the least bit interested in you . . . .!”HyeSung shouted turning beet red
“ THEN WHAT’S WITH THE SEOUL HOTEL THING ?!” asked Caline still very pissed
“ My boss wants to see you . . . .” said HyeSung
“ Nuh-uh. You think I’m a bimbo ? That I’ll go to a hotel to meet with someone I don’t know ? I don’t think so .” Caline screamed as she power walked away
“ WILL YOU PLEASE LISTEN ?!” screamed HyeSung running to catch up with her and blocking her path
“ Listen . . . . I’m sorry . But I can’t stay any longer .” HyeSung said looking around. Then he took an envelope out of his pocket and gave it to Caline . “Look and you’ll know who I’m talking about . Remember 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at the Seoul Hotel . See Ya !” shouted HyeSung running to his limo and riding off leaving Caline holding the envelope in disbelief in what just happened.
Caline looked at the envelope . . .
“ Who the hell was that guy talking about ?” Caline thought still looking at the envelope
She decided open it . There she found a photograph of a young man inside and she froze as soon as she saw the picture.
“ J. . . .. . Jae . . . .. Jae Won ?”

Chapter 6:

After a few hours of just lying on the bed in silence , Kangta decided to go for a walk to clear out his mind . That plan seemed to work because he seem to be distracted by the beautiful scene around him . As he made a left turn around the block he saw Caline , standing there looking at something . He quickly ran over to her .
“ Hey Caline !” he shouted enthusiastically which startled her
“ Oh my god !” she screamed as she dropped the picture
“ Sorry . Didn’t mean to scare you .” Kangta said assuring her
“ It’s okay . Just warn me by calling out my name next time instead of just popping up out of no where.” Caline said laughing nervously
“ Yeah . Okay.” He said as he leaned down and picked up the picture Caline dropped
“ Who’s the guy?” Kangta asked feeling a petite amount of jealousy as he fixed his eyes on the smiling blonde-hair Korean boy in the picture.
“ Oh ! Him ? Just an old friend !” she said hastily snatching the picture from his hand and put it in her pocket
“ What’s his name ?”
“ Jae Won . . . .” she said inaudibly
“Jae Won ?” Did you find his picture or something?” Kangta continued to asked trying not to sound envious “ Not really , his . . . . his friend gave it to me . . .”she said hesitantly
“ Okay . . . .” he said nodding his head several times
After a moment of silence he then said . . . “ I’m acting like a stupid jealous boyfriend huh ?” Kangta asked out of the blue
“ Yeah . . . .” she nodded softly not wanting to hurt his feelings
“ Okay . . . . .” he said not knowing what else to say
“Kangta . . . . . I’m feeling really worn out so I have to take a raincheck on our date tonight . . ..” she said softly feeling really guilty.
“ Don’t feel guilty I’m feeling worn out myself . We’ll go out later .” he said calmly as he felt Caline feeling uncomfortable .
“ Okay . . . . cool.” She said nervously “ Oh yeah . Can you tell Chany that we won’t be able to double date with her tonight ?”
“ WHAT ?! We were gonna double date ?” shouted Kangta Caline let out a small laugh
“ Well . . . you know . . . . Chany kept begging me to let her and Tony double date with us because she says she’ll get really shy around him . . . . She was practically on her knees . . . So I couldn’t say no .” Caline said lying to Kangta , not wanting him to think SHE was the one who begged for the date
“ Wow.” Kangta started “ Chany ? Shy ? Frist time I heard those two words in the same sentience.” He said laughing
“ Yeah . . . .Ha-ha .” Caline laughed fakingly with Kangta
Then once again after the laughter died down there was a moment of silence
“ Uh . . . . can I walk you home ?” he blurted out feeling like he’s back to being 12 years old .
“ Sure.” She Replied happily
All of a sudden they both heard a loud noise in the bushes
“ What was that ?!” Caline hollered looking around
“ Nothing .Probably a raccoon or a cat .”Kangta said calmly not wanting to frighten Caline “ Let’s go now , before it gets late.” He said hastily
“ Okay . . .” Caline replied knowing that Kangta is hiding something but she didn’t want to question him so she just started to walk with him .
“ I just want you to get home fast so you can get a lot of rest.” Kangta said coolly as he quickened his pace pulling Caline along with him
“ That’s really considerate of you.”
“ Yeah . .. .. . .well I’m a considerate guy” he said giving Caline a nervous laugh as he turned a bit to look at the bushes where they heard the noise . He then saw a 3 black figures rush out of the bushes then the figures ran off.
“1st day in Korea and they already found me . . . . . .” he thought to himself
“ They work faster than I suspected . . . . .. .”

Chapter 7:

The three black figures quickly ran back into their black van and quickly shut the door in frustration.
“ Shoo! This is your entire fault! We would have heard more if you hadn’t made all those noises!” shouted the first figure taking off her ski mask.
“ Shut up! I wouldn’t have made all those noises if Eugene hadn’t push me out of the way so she could hear clearer!” Shoo hollered taking off her ski mask
“ I’m sorry! I thought he was going to say something important!” cried Eugene furiously taking off her black ski mask
“ Bada . . . do you think Kangta knows it us?” Shoo asked more softly flipping her brownish copper hair away from her face
“ Kangta’s smart. He probably knew it was us when he heard all those noises.” Bada replied more calmly
“ Who the hell was that girl he was talking to?” cried Shoo
“ Well, they look pretty chummy . . .” said Eugene trailing off Bada gave out a huge sigh
“ Mimi’s going to kill us if she finds out we messed up!” shouted Bada in frustration
“ Plus, Kangta knows we’re here!” added Eugene rubbing her head in aggravation
Then the cell phone began to ring. All three girls froze for a minute.
“ Uh . . .. Should we get that?” asked a nervous Eugene, staring at the ringing cell phone
“ It’s probably Mimi.” Shoo said softly
“ I’ll answer it.” Bada said bravely
“ He . . . hello?” she answered nervously as her braveness dissolved away
“ Well?!” asked a female voice on the other line
“ Well ? What ?” Bada asked trembling
“ WELL WHAT ?! DUH ! DID YOU FIND THE BASTARD ?!” the girl screamed
“ Well . . . Mimi . . .” before Bada could answer Shoo quickly snatched the cell phone from her and she started talking on the phone
“ Yes Mimi! We found him .” answered Shoo
“ Great ! Was he alone ?!” shouted Mimi
“ No . . . he wasn’t alone .”
“ Who was he with ?”
“ A girl . . .” Shoo replied cautiously
“ A . . a girl ?” asked an outraged Mimi
“ Ye . . yes !”
“ Put Eugene on the phone !” shouted Mimi
“ Here !” said Shoo handing Eugene the cell phone
“ Hello ?” Answered Eugene
“ Eugene ! Who was he with ?” asked Mimi
“ I don’t know much about the girl .” said Eugene
“ Eugene . . . “ Mimi said in a more scary voice “Did he know someone was spying on him ?” Mimi asked very sternly
“ What do I say ?” Eugene mouthed silently to Shoo and Bada
“ No !” whispered Bada
“ NO !” answered Eugene to Mimi
“ Okay . You guys continue to spy on him . I’ll be making my presence known in Korea in a few days .” said Mimi
“ Your presence known ?” asked Eugene very loudly gesturing Shoo and Bada to come closer to hear the conversation
“ Yes .Expect to get my call in a few days . I’ll be checking up on you guys . And the next time I call you better have lots of information about the people Kangta is with in Korea.” Warned Mimi
“ Yes . . . .yes of course Mimi . . . good bye.” Replied a frightened Eugene as she pressed END on the cell phone
“ Eugene . What’s wrong ?” asked Bada
“ She says we better have more info on what Kangta is doing and stuff the next time she calls .” said Eugene massaging her left arm
“ Like we’re going to get much information now .” said Shoo
“ Well , we got to try or we’re going to be in tomorrows news . . . headline “ 3 Beautiful girls found dead in Korea. Shot , stabbed , poisoned , and slapped to Death” cried Eugene putting on her ski mask
“ Lets do separate missions this time . That way we’ll get more information . Okay . I’ll go and spy on Kangta . Eugene you spy on the girl he was talking too . And Shoo , you go and spy on the people in the house he came out of .” ordered Bada
“ What ?! Why do you and Eugene get a more interesting mission than me ?!” cried Shoo
“Shoo ! Just do it ! Who knows , you’ll probably dig up some major dish that’ll keep us alive !” Bada shouted putting on her ski mask
“ Yeah .” mumbled Eugene through her ski mask
“ Fine !” Shoo yelled giving in as she put on her ski mask
Bada opened the door and they all jumped out one at a time
“ Okay . We meet back here in 3 days with lots of information on our subjects . Okay ?” muttered Bada through her mask
“ Okay .” Shoo and Eugene muttered back
“ Good Luck . You got the most difficult subject” said Eugene to Bada
“ Thanks . I’m going to need it .” said Bada
“ We should get going now . The clock is not ticking away any slower .” Said Shoo
“Remember ! Meet back here in 3 days !” reminded Eugene .
“ Got it ! Bye !” the other two shouted
Then all three girls ran in different directions to begin their undercover work. . . . . .

Chapter 8:

After walking Caline home , Kangta quickly rushed home because it began to rain really hard . As soon as he walked in the house , soaked , he smelled a delicious scent .As he soon he smelled it he fell in love with it . He followed the smell and headed to the kitchen then he found Chany stirring something in a metal pan .
“ Hey ! What are you making ?” Kangta asked trying to control his drooling
“ Dang ! Man ! What the hell happen to you ?!.” Chany said laughing and Kangta's soaked figure .“ oh and This is my very well-known Chicken Soup . . .” she added
“ Wow . Smells yummy . . . . .but don’t you have a dinner with some guy tonight ? Uh . . . why don’t I finish it for you . . .” he said mischievously heading towards the soup
“ Watch it !” Chany shouted lightly smacking Kangta’s arm
" Shouldn't you change into something warm first before walking in and flooding this whole place up ?" she said laughing as she pointed at the puddle Kangta trailed behind as he walked into the kitchen
“ Come on ! Don’t be so greedy ! Share the food !” Kangta hollered as he ignored the comment
“ Nope . This is not for me either . It’s for my parents . Their going somewhere for a business trip for a while and they want my Chicken Soup. So here I am , making a whole bunch for them .” she said softly . While pouring the soup into 5 big plates
“ Oh . Okay . . . .” he said sadly walking away
Then all of a sudden Chany gave a kick to his butt
“ What the ---… . . . .” he quickly shut up when he turned around and saw Chany holding up one of the plates to his face . “ What ? Want me to suffer?” he said loudly and not looking directly at the soup
“ I’m letting you eat it !" she shouted
" Hey thanx . . . " he said reaching for the warm chicken soup
Chany quickly moved it away form his reach
" Nope . Not until you change into some new clothes ." she commanded
" Can't I just have a taste first ?" he begged giving her his pupppy eyes
" Go change !" Chany said loudly "This soup ain't going anywhere ."
" Fine !" Kangta shouted out as he stomped away to go change
Chany laughed softly as she head to the sink and began to wash the dishes .

* Moments later *

Kangta came back to the kitchen with brand-new dry clothes .
" I'm done . Can I have my chicken soup now ?" He said loudly over the sound of the Chany washing dishes. But Chany couldn't hear him . She only saw him mouthing something .
" WHAT ?!" She screamed
" . . . .." Kangta repeated what he said but she still couldn't hear him
" WHAT ?!" She screamed again
She quickly turned off the water . . . but at the same time Kangta began to take a long breath then he let it all out .. .
" CAN I HAVE MY CHICKEN SOUP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs
" Oh god . I think I just went deaf ." Chany said panicking as she covered up her ears
" Oh god . I think I lost my boice ." he said quietly ,barely above a whisper , rubbing his sore throat

* Moments later *

" Here's your soup !" Chany screamed as she slammed the bowl on the table " Thank you for hurting my sensitive ears !"
" Thanx alot !" Kangta shouted as he felt his anger rising
" Whatever ." Chany replied as she walked out of the kitchen
“ Uh-huh .. ..” he said not really paying attention as he sat down and slurp his chicken soup “ Damn ! This is good !” he complimented as he continued to digest his soup .
The phone in the kitchen then began to ring .
" Hello ?" Kangta answered after the 4th ring
" Hello ? This is Chany's friend from the University . Can I speak with her ?" asked the male voice on the other line .
" Oh . Wait a minute ." kangta replied
" Chany ! There's a phone call for you !" he shouted " Oooooooh ! Shouldn't have done that ." he said quietly rubbing his sore throat again . Kangta tried to listen to any sound of movement or voice coming from Chany but all heard was the rain pouring from outside .
" I'll tell her to call you back ." Kangta said quickly hanging up the phone
" Chany !" he screamed running into the living room
" ... . "
He didn't see her so he ran upstairs .
" Chany !" he shouted numerous times as he searched every room getting more worried every minute .
" Chany? This . . . . this aint funny . Ya better get your ass out here now !" Kangta screamed as he rushed down the stairs .
" Chany ! Chany !Where the hell are you !" Kangta shouted as he ran around the mansion , searching desperately for Chany , he felt his heart thunping faster and faster every minute .
" What if something happened to her ?" Kangta thought but he quickly pushed that thought out of his mind refusing to believe anything bad happened to her .
He began to search the mansion again . . . . . .

* Moments later *

" Chany . . . . . where are you ?" He whispered sitting on the stairs rubbing his head in frustration . Then before he knew it tears started to form in his eyes .
After hearing the scream Kangta quickly rushed to the backyard .
He shouted as he continued to run in the rain .
he looked around the backyard for a moment . Then he saw Chany's uncouncious body laying on the floor with a black figure standing only inches away from her holding a weapon . . . . . . . .

Chapter 9:

“ You son of a B*tch ! I’m gonna kill you !” Kangta screamed as he leaped at the dark figure and started beating the figure up .
“ Stop ! Stop . STOP ! You f*cken a*s -ho !” screamed the figure blocking Kangta’s punches .
“ I can explain !”
Kangta didn’t bother to listen he just continued to beat the hell out of the black figure .

________ _____________ _______________ _______________ ___________

“ oh . . . . Oh God .” Chany moaned as she started to open her eyes . Then she rubbed her head .& sat herself up . She couldn’t really see that well . . . . she saw two blurry visions fighting each other . The rain didn’t help much . Chany rubbed her eyes to see clearer. She can see the figures clearly now . But she can’t manage to see their faces because it was so dark . but then as a flash of lighting striked and Chany saw their faces she reconized both of the figures .Chany she instantly knew it was Kangta. She also recognized the other person .
“ Woo Hyuk !” she screamed as she hurriedly got up and rushed to stop them from fighting

___________ _____________ ___________________ ________________ ______

“ Ah !”
“ * Groans * “
“ Ugh ! Ah !”
Both Kangta and Woo Hyuk screamed out as they were beating the hell out of each other . The next thing they knew they were on the wet , muddy grass still fighting non-stop .
“ Stop ! Stop ! STOP !” Chany screamed as she tried to pull them away from each other .
“ Get out of the way Chany !” Chany screamed as he run towards Woo-Hyuk again , but he suddenly stop and turned around .
“ Chany ? You’re not dead ?” He asked running towards her .
“ Uh . . . . . yeah I’m pretty sure I’m alive .” she said laughing
“ Chany ! Can you tell this psycho over here that you know me !” Woo-Hyuk shouted walking to them
“ Yeah . I know him . He’s a friend .” Chany said to Kangta
Kangta glanced at Woo-Hyuk then at Chany.
“ Why’d you scream ?” Kangta asked suspiciously
“ Oh because I saw a black figure running hiding in the backyard . So I went to follow and well . . . . .I guess I got scared when Woo-Hyuk popped up out of nowhere .I just panicked . Then I slipped and I guess I knock my head on a rock or something cause everything went black .” Chany explained
“ What the hell were you doing sneaking around here at night ?” Kangta asked harshly to Woo-Hyuk
“ I just came back from China ! I wanted to surprise my friend ! Okay ?!” Woo-Hyuk shouted in anger
“ Surprise a friend ? Why were you just standing there when she went unconscious ?!” Kangta screamed back , feeling his anger rising
“ I was in shock !”
” You were holding a weapon ! A pocketknife or something !” Kangta screamed then he looked at Chany
“ What ? No !” Chany said looking at both Kangta and Woo-Hyuk
Woo-Hyuk then sighed and walked over to the grass to pick up his “ weapon”
Then he held it in the light .
“ A CELL PHONE ! That’s the weapon !” Chany shouted , cracking up .
“ Yup . This is the “ weapon .” Woo hyuk replied waving it in Kangta’s face
Kangta didn’t say anything . His bruised up face just went beet red .
“ Uh .. . . .. . . . sorry man .” Kangta said still blushing .
Woo-Hyuk stared at Kangta fror awhile wondering if he should forgive him . But since Kangta looked like he's really sorry Woo-Hyuk decided to forgive him .
“ It’s cool ,dog .” Woo Hyuk replied lightly punching Kangta
“ Fool ! You ain’t mad n/more ?!” Kangta asked in amazement
“ Nah . I’m a forgiving person .” Besides . You were fighting for Butt-Head over here .” Woo HyUK replied pucnhing Chany's right arm .
“ It’s all this crack-head’s fault . If she hadn’t scream I wouldn’t have come running out here . And none of this would ever had happen .” Kangta said punching Chany on her left arm
“ Shut the hell up LOSERS!” Chany screamed punching both Kangta and Woo-Hyuk on the arms .
“ OW ! That was really painful .” Kangta said sarcastically
“ I know . Painful .” Woo-Hyuk said faking to cry
“ YOU !” Chany screamed at Woo-Hyuk
“ What ?” Woo-Hyuk asked still laughing with Kangta
The next thing he knew Chany’s left leg went flying to his private area .
“ Oh god !” Woo-Hyuk squeaked closing his eyes , really afraid of the pain that was about to come to him . He opened his eyes again and sighed in relief that Chany’s leg was only inches away from his private area .
“ Want me to go all the way ?” Chany asked mischieviously
“ NO ! Ha-ha . No . I’m cool .” Woo-Hyuk replied nervously
Chany put her feet back down .
“ Ha-Ha ! Ha-Ha !” Kangta began to laughed hysterically at the petrify Woo-Hyuk
“ You want some ?!” Chany asked heading towards Kangta
“ No !” He shouted blocking his private area with his hands “ I want to be able to have kids !” He added as his eyes start to water
“ Ya better recognize !” Chany shouted as she head into the mansion , laughing softly .

__________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________

Moment later after standing in the rain in silence .

“ Alright . I should go now . Later man .” Woo-Hyuk said sleeplessly as headed to his car .
“ Okay . Bye .” Kangta said heading back into the mansion .

____________ ______________ _____________ __________________ ______

“ Man ! What an entertaining night !” Bada hollered as she watched Kangta go back inside the mansion . She saw the fight .
Then a hand slowly touched Bada’s shoulder .
“ Shhhhhhh ! Shhhhhhh !” Shoo said covering Bada’s mouth . “ It’s me.”
“ What the hell are you doing here ?!” Bada whispered furiously at Shoo
“ I’m spying on Chany !” Shoo screamed back
“ Chany ? Who’s Chany ?”
“ The girl that was lying unconscious a minute ago .”
“ Oh . Her .What’d you find out?”
“ Not. Much . N/wayz this is only the first night . There’s always tomorrow.”
“ Yeah . Damn this rain . It’s making this spying more complicated !” Bada screamed
“ Bada . . . . . .. . . . . . .” Shoo began
“ Yeah ?”
“ Where are we going to sleep tonight ?” Shoo asked looking at the muddy , wet grass
“ Uh .. . …. . I haven’t thought of that .. . . ..” Bada said worriedly
“ Here . . . .” Bada said after a moment of hesitation
“ Her-- .. . . . .. Here ?” Shoo asked stammering
“ Yeah . We’ll be closer to our subjects .” Bada replied
“ No way in hell !” Shoo screamed getting as she began walking
“ What ? Shoo! SHOO WHERE ARE YOU GOING ?!” Bada shouted
“ I’m going inside !” Shoo shouted as she opened the living room door to go in
“ UGH ! Eugene ! I hope you’re having a lot of a easier time than I am !” Bada screamed as she ran to catch up with Shoo .

_____________ ___________________ _________________ _________________

“ God ! This girl is so boring !” Eugene shouted as she was spying through her telescope on a tree looking closely at Caline who was sitting on the sofa watching t.v.
“ F-ck this rain !” Eugene shouted in anger wiping the raindrops off her telescope
“ Why aren’t you doing anything interesting ?!” Eugene shouted angrily
The she saw Caline heading to the window .
“ Oh Sh*t ! Did she hear me ?!” Eugene shouted as she jumped to the ground

_____________ ________________ _______________ _____________ _______

“ Is someone out there ?” Caline thought as she walked to the window . Then she laughed at herself “ Caline . You’re going crazy . It’s probably just the rain .” She stared at the window for a few more minutes , then she walked over to the t.v. and turned it off and listened to a c.d. her sister gave her for a present .
“ H.O.T. 5 . . . . . . .mmmmmmm . . . . .. “ A Song For Lady” Track 10 .” she said as she fast forward the numbers to 10 . The song began and Caline instantly fell in love with it .
“ Omigod . This song is so sweet .” Caline said softly . then she began to cry
“ I wish Jae Won would sing this song for me !” Caline sobbed as she went flying to her bed .

_____________ ________________ ______________ ____________ ________

“ Jae Won ? Who’s Jae Won ? Isn’t she with Kangta ?” Eugene said quietly as she hid herself near the wall , close to the window listening to Caline’s every word .
“ OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh . Love triangle . Things just got interesting .” Eugene said smiling evilly .

___________ _______________ _________________ _____________ ________

“ Gosh . Why was I so worried about her ?” Kangta whined , while he was sitting on the floor in frustration thinking about the events that happened earlier .
“ * Sigh * Why did I start to cry ?” he asked himself
“ I. . . . .I don’t have feelings for her . . . . . . .we’re .. . . . .I’m . . . . . She . . . . .* Sigh * God ! Why is this so complicated ?! Why was I so damn scared for her ?! Why ?! Why ?! Wh---.”
Kangta quickly shut up when her heard a loud crash coming from the downstairs living room . He quickly rushed up from the floor to see what’s going on down there .

____________ ______________ ____________________ ___________________

“ Damn ! What the hell was that ?!” Chany shouted as she dropped her comb after she heard the loud crash . She quickly ran out of her room to see what was going on .

_____________ _______________ _____________ ______________ ________

Kangta and Chany opened their doors at the same time and bumped into each other as they went for the stairs .
“ Aaaaaahhhhhh !” They screamed as she both fell to the ground
“ God ! I’ve screamed too much today .” Chany complained as she got up
“ Shhhhh ! We’re both up here . . . .” Kangta started
“ Yeah . . . .”
“ Your parents left for the business trip . . . .”
“ Uh-huh .. . .”
“ All the workers are on a break . . .”
“ Yeah . . . . your point ?”
“ Do the math you stupid moron ! Someone is in your mansion !” Kangta screamed smacking Chany on the head
“ God ! Ya didn’t have to do that !” Chany screamed rubbing her head in pain
“ * Sigh * Let’s go check it out .” Kangta commanded walking in front of Chany
“ Shouldn’t we call the cops or something first if there is someone is in our mansion ?” Chany asked softly
“ No . If we do that they’ll probably be gone by now .” Kangta replied as he walked down the dark stairs .
“ Okay . . . .” Chany said as she followed Kangta downstairs .

_______________ _______________ ____________________ ________________ __

“ Bada ! Was that you ?!” Shoo asked trembling after hearing the loud noise in the living room from the kitchen .
“ No . . . . .No .” Bada replied stammering
“ Then who is it ?” Shoo asked
“ God ! It couldn’t have been Chany or Kangta ! They’re both upstairs !” Bada shouted
“ Oh god .” Shoo started
“ What ?” Bada asked fearfully , with her hands shaking , fearing about what's she's about to hear .
“ If Kangta and Chany are upstairs . . . . . . . And if you and me are in the kitchen when the noise happened . . .. .. . . .” Shoo started
“ Then there’s someone else in the mansion .. . . .” Bada finished for Shoo



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