Chicken Soup ; "Kangta Story"

By : Cindi (

Chapter 18:

“ I think we’re alone now , can you tell me the stuff that happened between Jae Won and Caline ?” Tony asked anxiously as he and Chany walked out of the elevator then onto the first floor .
Chany shrugged after she stopped walking , “ I’m not exactly sure about what happened between them . I don’t really talk to Jae Won , I mean we only know each other by first name basis , other than that he’s a complete stranger to me . I met him when they were on one of their dates . N/wayz they dated for like 3-4 months , even thought it was a short time Caline told me that she was completely in love Jae Won .”
“ And Jae Won didn’t feel the same way or something ?” Tony asked curiously
“ One day when I came home from studying my brother came and told me that Caline and Jae Won are through . He told me that Caline called him on the phone crying over what happened between her and Jae Won . He also told me that she said that Jae Won told her that he needed a break form the relationship and that he was leaving for China that same day . So I think if Jae Won really did loved her ,uh . . I don’t think he would’ve hurt her like that .” Chany concluded
Tony widen his eyes , “ When the hell did all this happened? 3-4 months ? Shouldn’t I have known about this ?”
Chany shrugged . “ I don’t know where the hell you were but this happened last year . It was during the last few months of senior year for me and Caline .”
“ Where was I ?!” Tony cried laughing “ Oh yeah , I was traveling .”
Chany shrugged again “ You were probably with one of your many girlfriends huh ? Where you single back then ? ” Chany stated laughing softly .
Tony put his hands over his hips and smiled “ Well girly ,girl you just have to bring that topic up huh ?”
“ Well . . . “ he began to put his hands on Chany’s waist and pull her towards him . Then he rest his forehead on hers , “ I’m not single now . . . .” he stated pressing his lips against hers .

______ ______ ___________ _____ _______ ______ ___ _______ ___

Grace raced down the stairs huffing and puffing all over the place still trying to find Tony .
Then finally . . . .there it was . . the door to the first floor . She decide to cool down and walk instead of running to the door.
“ That was my exercise for the day .” Grace said tiredly as she turned the knob and opened the door .
“ Oh Shit !” she whispered hastily when she saw Tony making out with Chany ; one of the two girls she hated most in the world right now .
“ What the f--- ?!” she thought heatedly still keeping quiet. “ Psh ! Single my ass you f---en hypocrite!” she thought angrily referring to Tony . Well it’s not like she wanted Tony , he wasn’t even her type , she likes guys with dark hair and has a beautiful unique type of voice ( she wants Kangta. N/wayz . . .. ) She despises people who lie to her. She has been lied to by too many guys in her past already. That’s why she never has a long-term relationship anymore; guys can’t be trusted end of story.
“ How dare that motherf---er tell me that he’s single and then the next minute be making out with some slutty bitch ?!” Grace continue to glare at them in silence , then a heinous idea came across her mind .
“ What if I act like I never saw any of this ? Yeah . First, I’ll get back at both of them by breaking them up . Then I’ll win the bastard’s heart and make Chany the laughing stock of the whole university ,ha-ha she’ll feel like that living trash that she is ! After that I’ll dump Tony in public and tell him that I never loved him , that I was just playing him .That's what you two get for messing with me !” Grace thought evilly as a sinister grin came across her face . ( Of course Gracie is nothing like this in real life . . .ha-ha uh . . juss telling )
Grace let out a huge sigh , “ Tony !” she shouted out sweetly acting surprise to see him .
“ Oh Fuck !” Tony whispered hastily when he heard Grace’s call . He speedily moved away from Chany . Chany gave him a puzzled look . Tony shrugged , “ I’m shy . . .”
“ What the f--- ?! You were never shy when you were making out with your other girlfriends in public !” Chany thought angrily
Satisfied by what she saw Grace continued on with her plan .“ Hey !” she shouted blissfully running over to Tony and Chany . “ What were you guys doing ?”she asked innocently
“ Uh . . .we were ---“ Tony was saved by the bell when the sound so of the elevators doors opening caught the girl’s attention .
“ Whew !” he thought in relief “ OH HELL !” Tony cried fearfully when he saw Hyukie walking out of the elevator hastily with a ‘not-so-pleasant’look on his face .
“ Tony ! Chany !” he shouted angrily
“ Hey , I helped you carry that fat ole’ box already .”Chany stated
Hyukie nodded then he turns his head to Tony .
“ Uh . . “ Tony looked at his watch “ Wowzers ! I’m late for. . . .something ! I’ll talk to ya’ll later ! Bye !” Tony shouted before zooming out of the building
“ To--! Get back here ! I can’t carry all the stuff with only Chan’s help !” he pleaded angrily before chasing after Tony .
“ Hey ! Are you implying that I’m weak ?!” Chany asked angrily
Hyukie looked over his shoulder while still running . “You’re not weak .” he said smiling “ You’re just lazy !”
“ What ?! Why you -- oh wait that’s true .” Chany said sadly.
:**: AHEM !:**:
Chany turned around when she heard someone loudly clear their throat , for a minute she forgot that Grace was still there . Chany slowly walked up to Grace and stopped right in front of her face .
“ Grace right ?” she asked sweetly
Grace nodded , “ And Chany , right ?”
“ Yeah . So . . . did you and Caline finish your little rumble when I left ?” Chany asked politely with a smirk on her face .
“ Oh wait, nevermnid . . . .if you did fight with Caline you’d probably be in a wheelchair right now .”
Grace grinned , “ Uh no . . . see it’ll probably be the other way around . . .Your friend would be the one in the wheelchair .. . and I’ll be the rumble champion , then my prize would be that fine-ass guy she has always standing by her side . . . ”Grace said confidently
Chany let out a fake laugh . “ My , my that’s a nice dream Grace , but you should know that not all dreams come true . And you getting Kangta is just a joke.” she concluded smiling sympathetically.
Grace scoffed “ You want me to show you that I can take him away form your friend ?” Grace asked gallantly
Chany’s smiled dissolved away as soon as the words came out of Grace’s mouth .
“ Stay away from Kangta .” Chany said forcefully
“ Why ! Chany ! Aren’t we being a little protective here ? And to think he’s your best friend’s man . .I’m guessing you got a thing for him huh ?” Grace asked slyly shaking her head in disapproval .
Chany smirked “ Like you said , he’s my best friend’s man .And if you even go near him and hurt Caline .. .I’ll make sure to bash your face in so bad you won’t even recognize it ! Understood ?” she concluded sweetly
Grace raised her eyebrows “ Ha ! Chany ! What a joker you are ! Bash my face in . . .ha-ha .” Her laughter quickly died down , now she has a firm look on her face . “ Once again Chany you have managed to make me laugh . I doubt if you were to fight with me you probably won’t even get near my face .. .”
“ Oh really ?” Chany asked with her right eyebrow raised
Grace nodded , “ Yeah , cause I’ll probably kick your ass so hard you’d be flying all the way to California before you even get near me .. . Understood ?”
“ Ha ! Grace ! You’re so funny ! Hee-hee . It’s so cool to have a tight-ass friend like yourself !” Chany said sarcastically punching Grace on the right arm really hard .
“ Ha-ha Chany , And with friend’s like you ! Who needs enemies ?!” Grace asked sweetly , returning the hard punch to Chany’s left arm.
“ Totally agree with you !” Chany said with a cheesy smile ,punching Grace on the right arm again
“ Yeah ?” Grace asked , punching Chany on the left arm again
“ Yeah !” Chany replied with a cheesy smile in her face as she once again punch Grace’s right arm .
“ Yeah ?!” Grace shouted louder , punching Chany super hard on her left arm .
“ Yeah !!” Chany exclaimed retuning the super-hard punch back to Grace .
“ God ! That monkey is a fast driver and runner !” Woo Hyuk shouted laughing as he walked through the automatic doors . “ Everyone getting along here ?” he asked after he ran towards them .
Chany and Grace nodded in unison .
“ Yeah , Grace here is a very nice and polite girl . . .hence the name ‘Grace’ fits her well.” Chany stated with a cheesy smile on her face . “ The Grace of Hell !” Chany thought angrily
Grace nodded “ And Chany here is a very funny and awesome girl!” Grace exclaimed happily. “ A funny looking bitch !” Grace thought with fury
“ Well , I should get going now .It’s was nice interacting with you Grace .” Chany said lively offering her hand
“ Nice interacting with you too Chany .” Grace said smiling as she shook Chany’s hand .
Both girls tightened their grips as they shook hands.
“ Ow !” they both whispered as they both released their grips .
“ Okay . Bye Now .” Chany stated with pain
“ Yeah okay .” Grace said hastily trying to hide her pain .
Hyukie nodded in approval “ Wow you two are really getting along !” he commented happily.
“ Remember what I said about your face okay ?” Chany said vigorously as she turned around and walked away .
“ And remember what I said about California !” Grace shouted
Grace and Chany started rubbing their aching arms in pain after they can’t see one another anymore . “ Damn , the bitch punches hard .” they both thought at the same time .
“ What did you say to her about California ?” Woo Hyuk asked curiously as he depressed the up arrow on the button close to the elevator .
“ Nothing much , just simply reminding her that I can help her fly all the way to California .” Grace stated smiling
“ Wow , that’s really nice of you .” Hyukie commented misinterpreting what she means .
“ Yeah .” Grace said nodding
:: Ding !::
They both walked in the elevator as they continued to havesmall conversations .

Chapter 19 :

:: MeanWhile::

“ Really ?! You’re starting sophomore year again ?” HyeSung asked attentively as he and rest of the people sat around in a circle witht their legs crossed as they listened to Hee Jun talk .
Hee Jun nodded leisurely , “ Yeah , I flunked last year so I’m starting it all over again .”
“ Man ! I thought you were hella studying ! I mean you always look so weary !” HyeSung shouted
Hee Jun patted HyeSung on the head , “ That’s the result of late-night clubbing .”
The others laughed at Hee Jun’s little comment .
“ Eh , does Chany know you’re back ?” Caline asked curiously
Hee Jun shook his head , “ Nah , butt-head still think I’m in Vermont .”
“ Why didn’t you tell her ?”
“ Didn’t feel like it . Besides where does it say that an older brother has to tell his little sister everything ?”
“ Where are all your stuff anyway?” asked Jae Won
“ At my original home .” said Hee Jun “ I’m going to get it all later .” he added lazily
“ Man ! I can’t believe how red your hair is !” Kangta shouted fixing his eyes on Hee Jun’s VERY red hair .
“ I can’t believe you’re living with the Queen of Hell and you’re still sane ! We’re even !” Hee Jun shouted back laughing a bit .
“ Don’t call my friend that !” Caline said laughing a bit as she smacked Hee Jun’s forehead .
“ Hey ! I’m your fwend too !” Hee Jun cooed as he rubbed his forehead
Caline shrugged and smiled , “ She’s a better friend though.”
“ What about the time when Jae---“ Hee Jun quickly shut up when he received the cold , icy look from Caline , “ Ne-Nevermind .” he quivered lowering his head
“ Was he going to say my name ?” Jae Won thought curiously as he gave Hee Jun a questioning look .
HyeSung , Kangta , and Jae Won leaned in closer to hear who Hee Jun was talking bout . Caline was still sitting there giving Hee Jun an icy, bone-chilling look .
“ Were you going to say ‘Jae Won’?” Kangta asked firmly
“ N --No .” Hee Jun quivered shaking and still lowering his head . “ JAE LONG !!” Hee Jun hollered happily lifting his head up .
“ JAE LONG ?!” they all hollered
“ The youngest member from that guy group ‘H.O.T’ ?” asked HyeSUng still puzzled
“ Ye---yeah !”
“ Who the hell is H.O.T ?” Kangta asked stilled confused
“ You’re kidding right ? You don’t know who H.O.T. is ?” Caline asked in a cynical tone
Kangta shook his head .
“ You’ve never heard of Fee Jae Won ? Dang Woo Tuck ? An Sony ? Soon Wee Jun ? Langta ?”
Kangta shrugged , “ The last one sounds similar to my name. . .but anyways what about this ‘Jae Long’ ?”
Caline punched Jae Won on the arm and laughed fakingly , “Yeah , what about this Jae Long ?” she muttered angrily , piss that Hee Jun brought the subject up .
“ Uh. . .well . ..Last year Caline wrote him a love letter . But then he didn’t reply so she was heart-broken . Then I comforted her, like a good friend should . The end !” he said hastily.
“ Okay . . .”HyeSung and Kangta muttered wierdly
Jae Won looked at Hee Jun skeptically not believing one word he just said .
Hee Jun avoided eye contacts with Caline and Jae Won . He just kept his eyes locked on the floor .
“ I should get going now .” said Kangta after he got up .
“ You sure ?” Caline asked getting up .
“ Yeah .” he replied giving Caline a peck on the lips .
“ Thanx for helping me carry my stuff up here .” Caline softly hugging Kangta
“ No prob .” he replied smiling hugging her back .
Jae Won looked up at them with pure jealousy forming in his heart and mind.
“ Later everyone !” He shouted as he head to the door .
“ Bye ! “ The 3 guys shouted in unison as they got up .
Kangta began to turn the knob to be greeted by a loud girl .
“ HEY MYSTERIOUS GUY !” Grace shrieked as soon as Kangta opened the door
“ Ahhhhhhhh !” Kangta shouted from shock , as he backed away from Grace . “ God ! My throat . .” he said softly rubbing his sore throat .
“ Uh , sorry ?” Grace said innocently walking in with WooHyuk behind her .
“ It’s okay .” Kangta mumbled quietly still rubbing his throat .
“ I’m sorry , How ‘bout I rub your chest to calm you down ?”Grace asked slyly already putting her hands in Kangta shirt and rubbing away .
“ Uh . . .she at it again huh ?” HyeSung whispered worriedly to Jae Won
“ Yeah . I’m pretty sure she’s at it again .”
“ Man ! That was a loud ass scream !” Hyukie cheered patting Kangta on the arm .
“ OooooOoOOOoh ! Kangta ! You better move away from that tramp before I count to Three ! If you don’t I’m going to go over there and kick both your asses !” Caline thought furiously , making her hands into fists. “ One ! Two ! Two and a half ! Thr--“
“ Uh excuse me !” Kangta cried backing away from Grace.
“ Yes ! Smart Choice !” Caline thought happily
“ Th--that was real-- really inappropriate !” he stammered “And ! I’m only interested in Caline so . . . .Bye !” he shouted nervously as he ran out the door .
“ What the f--- ?!” Grace thought angrily “ First time I’ve been this like this !” she thought pouting . Then all of a sudden someone hastily twirled her around to face them .
“ What the f--- was that all about ?!” Caline asked angrily getting in Grace’s face .
“ What ever do you mean ?” Grace asked innocently
“ You were f---en hitting on my boyfriend !”
Grace shook head . “I was just apologizing to him . . .that’s all . . . .”
“ You bitch ! If I don’t beat your ass now that my name is NOT CALINE !” with that said she threw a hard punch to Grace’s jaw , making Grace fall to the ground with a bug thug .
“YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT !” Grace shouted with fury , she quickly got up and kicked Caline in the stomach making Caline fall to the ground .
“ YOU ASS-HOE !” Caline roared , leaping on top of Grace and began to slap the hell out of her .
Woo Hyuk , Jae Won , Kangta , and HyeSung stood there in disbelief as they watched their gal friends beat the living s--- out of each other .
“ Oh god !” HyeSUng shouted after he looked at his watch .
“ What ?! What ?!” Jae Won asked worriedly
“ I’m going to be late for my study group!” HyeSung cried sorrowfully
“ You dork ! When did you become such a book-nerd ?!”
“ But we gotta try and stop Grace and Cal---“
" OoooOOoh ! AhHhh ! sHit ! AwH ! biTcH ! wHoRe ! SlUt ! tRAsH ! LeZbO ! pIeCe oF sHit !" the girls shouted in the backgroud as they continue to beat the living hell out of each other .
“ Just let them settle their fight here and now !” HyeSung said hastily “ But ya gotta take me to the library NOW !”
“ Okay ! Okay !” Jae Won shouted giving HyeSUng the ‘peace’ sign .
“ Let’s go !” HyeSung shouted running out the door first .
“ Hey stop them if it gets serious .” Jae Won instructed as he shut the door behind him .
“ Sure . . .when it gets serious . . .” Hee Jun replied still fixing his eyes on the fight .
“ Yeah , but isn’t it serious now ?” Hyukie asked still observing the cat-fight .
“ Well is there blood ?”
Hyukie looked , “ Oh f--- there is blood !” he shouted running to stop the girls from fighting .
“ Shit ! Stop ! Stop !” Hee Jun hollered trying to pull Grace and Caline off each other. “ Stop ! Don’t fight anymore !” Hee Jun cried nervously as he tried to pull Grace back from getting to Caline .
“ Stop ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !” Hyukie pleaded , putting the ‘peace’ sign if front of Caline’s face .
“ Move !” Caline roared pushing Hyukie away as she got ready to throw a super punch at Grace’s face .
“ Shit !” Grace shouted ducking out of the way , and instead of hitting Grace , Caline accidently punched the hell out of Hee Jun’s nose instead .
“ Oh sweet lord .” Hee Jun moaned softly before collapsing to the floor .
“ Ahhh ! What have I done ?!” Caline cried loudly, putting her hand over her bleeding mouth .
“ Hey ! Hey ! Wake up fool !” Grace said loudly sitting down near Hee Jun and slapping him repeatedly to wake him up .
“ Damn .” Hee Jun moaned softly putting his hand over his bleeding and swollen nose .
“ Now look what you two did !” Woo Hyuk shouted angrily at Caline and Grace . “ Now someone is laying on the ground in pain !”
“ Sorry .” they both said in unison looking down at the ground in shame .
“ Okay .” Hyukie said more calmly
“ He looked around at the messed up living room ; broken glasses , broken lamps , ripped off curtains , small blood stains all over the brand-new carpet , water spilled everywhere and a coffee table smashed into two.
“ Okay . . let’s clean this place .” he said with a sigh rubbing his forehead in anguish .

Chapter 20 :

:*: In a red BMW parked in the parking lot :*:

“ Can today’s spying be any more boring ?!” Bada shouted tiredly adjusting her seating position in the car .
“ I could’ve been sleeping right now.” Eugene replied still sitting in the passenger’s seat and leaning on the door.
“ . . . . . .” Shoo didn’t say anything , she’s still in her sleeping position . “ I’m bored .” she said finally .
“ Gee ! and We’re having an ole so merry time !” Eugene shouted sarcastically." If you guys are so bored then why don’t you follow your subjects . . .”
“ Duh ! They didn’t come out of that freaken dorm yet !” Shoo shouted swiftly
“ Yes they did ! I just saw Chany come walking out long ago.” Eugene declared
“ What ?!” Shoo asked attentively getting up from her sleeping position .
“ Yeah . You were probably sleeping or something so I guess you didn’t see her . . .”
“ Fuck !” Shoo shouted angrily as she got out of the car . “Did she walk or drive ?” she asked timidly .
“ Walk .” Eugene answered through the open window .
Bada laughed , “ You better catch up !” she mocked
“ You should talk .” Eugene said to Bada
“ What’s that suppose to mean ?!” Bada asked raising her eyebrows
“ I saw Kangta walking out a little while after Chany .”
“ Shit ! Really ?!” Bada asked in bewilderment as she got out of the car .
“ Yeah .” Eugene answered as she happily moved to the driver’s seat .
“ How come you didn’t tell us sooner ?!” Shoo and Bada asked impatiently through the open window .
Eugene shrugged . “ I thought you two knew. . . .”
“ Where the hell is Mimi ?” Shoo asked out of the blue .
“ Yeah , where is she ?” said Eugene” I haven’t seen her all day .”
“ I saw her this morning .” said Bada “ But where she is now, I don’t know .”

:*: Mean While in an underground parking lot under the Dorm:*:

“ Damn . This place is too quiet and dark !” Cindi commented after she parked her car .
She’s a new R.A. at the dorm so the parking lot is somewhat creepy to her . Chany hesitantly got out of the car and headed for the backseat of her car to get her baggage .
“ Excuse me .” a voice whispered out of nowhere .
“ Fuck !” Cindi screamed startled by the person’s voice .She quickly turned around to face a girl she didn’t recognize .
“ Damn . I thought I was the only one in here .” Cindi said laughing
“ Sorry that I scared you .” the girl stated without any emotion
“ Uh , it’s okay .” Cindi said timidly
“ My name’s Mimi .” said the girl
“ Oh , Hi Mimi . What can I help you with ?”
“ I’m looking for someone . . .” said Mimi “ I believe you know her . . .”
“ What’s her name ?”
“ Cindi Yom . . . . .”
Cindi widen her eyes with fear . “ Uh . . .that’s me .” she said slowly
“ Great . I found the right person .You're one of the new R.A.s here right ?"
Cindi nodded gradually feeling creeped out by Mimi's presence . “ Excuse me . . .don’t want to seem rude but how do you know me and I don’t know you ?” Cindi asked firmly
Instead of answering Mimi just stared at Cindi with no emotion .
“ Okay . You’re creeping me out , I suggest you leave me alone or----“ she was silenced was Mimi suddenly ran behind her and held a knife to her throat .
“ You’ll what ?” Mimi whispered heinously into her left ear
“ What the hell do you want ? Money ? Is that what you want ? If it is then take it .” Cindi said gently
Mimi shook her head as she held the knife closer to Cindi’s throat . “ Money I’ve got .So I don't need to steal any from you .”
“ Then what do you want ?” Chany asked with total and complete fear .
Mimi chuckled softly , “ I want your name , your room , your life .” said Mimi said evilly
“ What’s that supposed to mean ?”
“ It means today is your last day on earth . .. . . .” said Mimi shifting the knife closer and closer to Cindi’s throat . Mimi smiled ,“ Don’t worry . I’ll make this quick . . . . ..”



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