Chicken Soup ; "Kangta Story"

By : Cindi (

Chapter 21 :

:: Saturday 11:34 pm ::

“ Ahhhh , Ahhhh .” Grace whispered softly , while putting some ice over her bruised up face . She was so tired from all the cleaning but she was also thankful that she’s finally done form hours of work . She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and sighed . She put the ice bag down without taking her eyes off herself . Her face was barely recognizable , there were two gigantic bruises planted around both of her eyes , although her nose stopped bleeding there were still some dry blood stuck around the tip of her nose , her lower lip is still bleeding a bit but not as much as before , her cheeks were now scarred with Caline’s nail scratch . Grace traced the left side of her face with her index and middle finger from the bottom up , she stopped when she reached her swollen purple eye .
“ God , I’m a monster .” Grace whispered . She combed her hair back with both of her hands revealing her untouched ears . Grace smiled in relief . “ Luckily , I wasn’t wearing earrings or that bitch would’ve ripped it off me already .” Her smile faded away as quickly as it came . She blinked several times with difficulty because of the pain . She turned on the running water for the bathroom sink and cupped her hands together then caught a bunch of running cold water with her hands .She repeatedly wash her face with the cold water until she was satisfied . She finally stopped feeling shivers and goose bumps all over her body from the cold icy water . She took another look into the mirror seeing her face dripping with water , her face was as pale as a ghost .Her face was still not very recognizable but it was a bit better than her face a while ago , when she had dry blood all over the corner of her nose and lips . She stared at her unrecognizable face remembering the days when she used to looked like this everyday . Tears began to welt in her red eyes , all the images of her abusive past was coming back to her . She couldn’t bear it anymore she began to let out soft sobs .

:: POUND!!!-POUND!!::

Grace turned her head after hearing the pounding on the bathroom door . She wipe away all her tears with both of her hands then took one last look at her messed up face then went to open the door .
“ Coming !” she shouted . Grace slowly turned the knob , then opened the door with a light force . Her face stiffened a bit when she saw who was behind the door , Caline . She was face to face with a girl who has the same bruises and scratches as her . Grace and Caline stared at each other without muttering a word only letting their blank face do the talking . It was strange for both of them , they expected to still be raging mad at each other . But when they saw each other’s face now , they felt surprisingly normal . But that feeling only last for a few second because then they started to despise each other again .
Hee Jun walked slowly into the halls with his head up holding a piece of meat to his swollen up nose . Hee Jun quickly lowered his head back down while still holding the piece of meat to his nose. He’s realizing it’s not safe walking with his head up . Hee Jun continued to make his way towards the bathroom . Then he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Caline and Grace face to face . Without a second thought Hee Jun quickly ran in between them pushing both girls away from each other .
“ What ?! What are you two doing ?!” he asked fearfully dropping the piece of meat he was holding .
“ What the hell ?! We were not about to fight .” Caline replied laughing softly then stopping when it began to hurt her lips .
Hee Jun looked at her questionably then turned to Grace who just shook her head in agreement. Hee Jun turned a bit red in embarrassment.
“ Oh.” he managed to utter “ I-I knew that. I-I was just testing you both. That’s all .” he said uneasily
Grace raised her eyebrows then walked out of the bathroom .” Sure .” she said sarcastically , while walking past Hee Jun .
“ I did !” Hee Jun declared loudly
Caline smiled walking into the bathroom . “ Okay .” she replied putting both her hands up before closing the bathroom door in Hee Jun’s face .
Hee Jun stared in disbelief at the door .
“ This is what I get for taking that punch on the nose for you ?” Hee Jun asked walking into the living room where Grace was sitting on the floor . Grace giggled loudly “ You’re unbelievable . So you’re saying that you purposely took that punch for me ?”
Hee Jun smiled and nodded feeling like a hero . Grace rolled her eyes feeling like she’s about to throw up . Hee Jun looked at her and took offense to what she did .
“ Fine .” he spoke . “ Next time you and Caline fight then we’ll see if I take the punch for you again.”
Grace smiled , “ So you’re telling me that there’s gonna be a next time ?”
“ Huh ?”
“ You’re saying that me and Caline are going to fight again . Are you meaning that you can’t trust both of us when we say we won’t fight again ?”
“ HUH ?!”
Grace got up letting out a huge sigh , “ Never mind.” The instant after that Hyukie walked through the door interrupting Hee Jun who was about to say something .
“ It’s late . Picking room time !” Hyukie spoke tiredly .
“ Picking room ?” Caline asked while walking out of the bathroom then into the living room . Hyukie nodded. “There are only two rooms . So we all gotta have a roommate and share each room .Guys with guys girls with girls .” he finished sternly , hoping there will be no argument . Grace and Caline looked at him angrily without saying a word . Hyukie smiled ignoring their cross stares . “ Okay ! Since no one has anything to say then it’s settle . Me and Hee Jun share . Caline and Grace share . There ! Good night , Sleep Tight and Dun bother me .” he concluded heading to his room .
Hee Jun looked at Caline and Grace . “ I’m gonna take a shower .” he spoke . making his way towards the bathroom . Grace silently walked to their room without saying a word . Caline followed . Grace turned the knob and walked in the room .She turned on the switch for the lights and advanced into the room with Caline following behind her .They both observed the medium size bedroom . The room was pretty white and empty excluding the two twin bed on each side of the room . The two beds were already cover with a brand-new bedspread and each had a different type of design . The bed on the left side of the room has purple and blue roses on the design with the Chinese writing saying ‘New Beginning.’ . The bed on the right has pictures of the sun and the moon and this Chinese writing that says ‘ Lucky Dream’. The window of the room was on the middle wall in between the two beds .
Caline and Grace looked at each other . “ The right/left bed is mine.” They both said in unison . They looked at each other in confusion . They were both surprised that they chose different beds .
Okay…” they both chirped again “ So….. Good night .”
Caline hopped onto the left bed and happily jump on the bed for a bit to check if it was sturdy .After she was done . She realizes that she had no more energy so she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Grace slowly walked up to her right bed and then lied down restfully . She then curled up into a ball and fell right asleep .

:: Several Hours Later ::

“ WAIT !!” Grace Screamed waking up .She quickly sat herself on the bed breathing heavily . Her forehead was covered with sweats .
“ What was that ? Who was that ? God ! What a nightmare !” Grace thought hastily .

:: Another heavy breathing in the room ::

Grace slowly turned her head to the left side of the room . There she saw Caline looking right back at her . Caline was sweating like hell just like Grace . They both looked at each other frightfully still breathing heavily .
“ Something ! ” they both shouted in unison .
Grace ran to Caline’s bed and sat on the bed forcefully . “ What’d you dream about?”
Caline shook her head . “ I---I can’t remember .” she stated “ All I know is that it was really scary. What about you ?”
“ My dream ?” Caline nodded . “ I can’t remember . But I woke up screaming ‘Wait!” so it’s gotta be someone leaving me.”
“ It was so real .” they both whispered , rubbing their necks . Grace shook her head . “ Good night.” Grace said getting up Caline’s bed and into her own .
“ Yeah . And Sweet dreams .” said Caline .
They both laid in their bed with their eyes closed but their still awake .
“ What’d I dream about ?” they both thought .

Chapter 22 :

:: Sunday 10:56 pm::

Shoo in her purple Lexus car patiently waiting to see any new activities happening in Chany’s mansion .
“ Everyone’s sleeping happily except for me .” she said tiredly

:: Ring - Ring ! ::

Shoo sleepily unzipped her black Jansport to take her silver Nokia phone out .
“ Hello ?”
“ Hello ?” three other voices asked on the other line
“ Huh ?”
“ Hello ? Shoo ?” Mimi asked on the other line .
“ Oh wassup Meems ?”
“ Say hi to me too .” said Bada
“ Me too.” Said Eugene
“ Ha-ha . Cool . Four way talking.” Shoo said laughing .
“ Go to bed.” Mimi said sternly .
“ What ?” they all asked .
“ Go to bed . You’ve got school tomorrow .” Mimi repeated
“ School ?! Oh fuck no !” Shoo shouted
“ You’re hella tripping girl !” Eugene hollered .
“ What time ?” Bada asked
“ You’re all going to SanaHae University tomorrow . Period !” Mimi shouted sternly . “ Bada , 8:00.” Mimi added .
“ How’d you enrolled us ? Isn’t SanaHae hard to get in ? We didn’t even fill in any application.” Said Eugene
“ I’ve got money . I can do whatever I want .” Mimi replied like a brat . “ I’ve got your books and schedule .” she added .
“ Is this to spy some more on Caline and stuff ? Why are we even spying on these people ? Why can’t we just kidnap them and kill them ?” Eugene asked tiredly
“ Because I know those American polices are already on to me ! And if I do anything stupid like killing a herd of college students then I know they’ll fucken link it to me ! Plus Kangta has the drug that’ll send millions of dollars rolling into our pockets . We can’t do anything that’ll make him piss and make him destroy the drug I’ve work on for 5 hard years !” Mimi said calmly .
“ Plus . YOU need him because you want to get In his pants again .” said Bada .
“ Ha-ha . Bada…you’re the only one that knows me well.” Mimi said lively .
“ You’ve got some new names too” said Mimi . “ Bada you’re ‘ Lily Aceria’ , Shoo you’re ‘ Tricia Kim.’ , Eugene you’re ‘ Kaya Lana’ , and me I’m Cindi Yom .”
“ Okay .” They all said
“ Get some sleep people ! I’ll see at school tomorrow ! And don’t be late !” Mimi shouted , then hanging up the phone .
The rest pressed ‘End’ on their phones and then drove back to their hotel room .
“ At least I’m getting some sleep .” Shoo said sleepily as she drove off to the hotel .

:: Monday 7:15 am @ SanaHae University ::

Kangta walked around the university campus aimlessly trying to be familiar with the scenery . But the sidewalks , bushes , palm trees and buildings were so much alike that it’s hard to tell them apart . He continued walk then stopping and sitting on a bench near the newly planted trees . He set his three chubby books next to him and let out a huge sigh . He took off his backpack and put it on the ground .The morning was so dark that the streetlights and light poles had to be turned on . He looked up at the dark gloomy sky and smirked .
“ What an ugly day .” He thought .
“Yah ! Ta !” someone shouted from a distance . Kangta looked over his shoulder , then to his right , then to his left .
“ What ? Who called me ?!” He shouted
“ Me !” The voice shouted out again . Kangta followed the sound of the voice and looked ahead of him seeing Hee Jun stepping out of the automatic door of the university’s library .Hee Jun was wearing baggy jeans and red t-shirt that was the exact resemblance to Kangta’s clothes . His swollen nose seemed to have magically went away over the weekend so his nose is now normal .
“ Hey !” he shouted again waving at Kangta .
“ Hey man .” Kangta declared pulling his chin up and putting his head back for a few seconds .
Hee Jun ran towards Kangta lazily .
“ Hey what are you doing sitting here ? Don’t you have class ?” Hee Jun asked as he approached Kangta .
Kangta smiled “ I can’t find any of my classes .” he said pulling out his schedule and giving it to Hee Jun . Hee Jun scanned through the paper with his eyes wide open .
“ Damn ! You’re taking hella classes huh ?!” Hee Jun asked loudly
Kangta shrugged , “ I’m going to have a lot of free time so I might as well put that free time to good use .”
“Hey , I got Japanese with you !” Hee Jun shouted after he took a second glance at Kangta’s schedule .
“ Hey . Cool .” said Kangta
“ Hey where’s Chany ? Isn’t she supposed to show you around ?” Hee Jun asked handing Kangta back his schedule .
Kangta shrugged and took the paper back , “ I dunno . I think she left earlier to school than me .”
“ How about your girlfriend ?”
“ Haven’t seen her .”
“ Woo Hyuk ?”
“ Haven’t seen .”
“ Grace ?”
“ Dun wanna see.” Kangta replied laughing . Hee Jun laughed too then continued .
“ HyeSung ?”
“ Haven’t seen.”
“ Jae Won ---?” Hee Jun quickly shut up , wanting to kick himself for bringing Jae Won up .
“ Haven’t seen.” Kangta replied coldly
“ Okay . Okay . That should be all .” Hee Jun said laughing .
“ You forgot Tony.” Said Kangta
“ Who the hell is Tony ?” Hee Jun asked
“ Wha-you don’t know Tony ? Your sister’s boy--..” Kangta quickly shut his hole when he saw the firm look on Hee Jun’s face .
“ My sister’s what ?” he asked taking a seat near Kangta .
“ My what ?” a voice asked from behind them .
Hee Jun and Kangta looked over their shoulders seeing Chany standing there holding 3 fat books against her chest . Her hair was tied up today . She pull up her bell-bottom jean a bit while walking to face them . She put one foot up against the bench where Hee Jun and Kangta is sitting on . Her sketchers shined against the streetlights blinding Kangta and Hee Jun a little bit . Her red shiny tank top did no help . She looked at them waiting for an answer .
“ Your boyfriend !” Hee Jun answered crossly
Chany’s eye’s widen she angrily glared at Kangta . “ You told him ?!”
Kangta shook his head productively . “ I thought he knew !” He shouted defending himself “ Ugh ! Damn ! I hate you !”
“ Like he loves you.” Hee Jun muttered
“ Hey brah . Dun you have a funeral to go to ?”
Hee Jun raised his eyes brow .
Chany smirked , “ Well what I mean is that after all the times you bleached your hair you probably killed all your poor hair .”
Hee Jun smiled back . “ My hair is fine . And no all my hair is not dead , can’t you see the black roots ? Whoopie , there’s life on my head.” Hee Jun said childishly
“ Dork .” Chany said laughing
“ Loser.” Kangta and Hee Jun said back in unison .
Hee Jun laughed after he heard Kangta said it . Chany’s eye widen again .
“ Hey side buster ! This never involved you !” Chany shouted .
Kangta shrugged . “ Too bad . It’s involving me now.”
“ Two on one . Now that’s not fair.” Said Chany
“ Get your stinking feet off the bench !” Hee Jun said laughing as he smacked Chany’s feet off the bench . “ This bench is for sitting .” Hee Jun explained pointing at Chany .
“Peace !!!” she shouted putting up the ‘peace’ sign .
“ Yes she gave up ! We win !” Kangta cheered high-fiving Hee Jun .
“ Dorks .” Chany muttered hiding her smile .
“ Why aren’t you guys in class ?” Chany asked
“ Kangta’s lost .” hee Jun replied laughing
“Hey Chan !” A girl who was wearing a short , short jeans and a red tank top shrieked as she walked by Chany and the boys .
Chany turned around then her eyes pooped out happily .
“ Christina !” Chany screeched hurting the boys’ ears . Hee Jun looked at Christina and then he was instantly hit by cupid’s arrow .
“ Fine , Fine , Fine, Fine , Fine , Fine , Fine , Fine , Fine , Fine !” hee Jun thought as he checked Christina from the bottom up .
Chany ran up to hug Christina . “ Omigod ! I haven’t seen you all summer !”
“ Yeah . Hee-hee how’s life ? What kinda classes you have ?”
Chany shrugged all my classes are boring . The only class I like is my last class for today . My Japanese class.
“ What ?! You have Japanese too ?! Professor Lang right ?!”
Chany nodded happily . “ You have him too ?!”
“ Uh-huh !”
“ AHHHHHHHH !” They both screamed happily as they both jump up and down in excitement .
“ Hey I have it too !” Kangta and Hee Jun chimed in .
Chany and Christina stopped jumping then turned and looked at the boys .
“ Well ! Ruined mah happiness !” Chany stated
“ Hey . I don’t think we’ve met . I’m Hee Jun . Chany’s brother.” Hee Jun introduced himself as he got up and offered his hand to Christina .
“ Oh . Hi . I’m Christina.” She said shaking his hand .
“ Hey . You have a really nice handshake.” He complimented
Christina gave him a weird look then smiled .
Chany and Kangta pretend to throw up from looking at what Hee Jun is doing .
“ Shut it .” Hee Jun warned weakly
“ OoOooOooOoOoooh .” Kangta spoke out .

:: STOMP!!!!::

“AHHHHHHHHHH ! Ow ! Ow !!!!!” Kangta groaned clutching onto his right leg after Hee Jun ‘accidentally’ stomped on it .
“ Whoops ,my bad .” Hee Jun said laughing .
Chany and Christina began to crack up noisily at the site of Kangta , who now crying like a baby .
Chany began to gasp for air . “Oh ! My ! God ! Puha-ha-ha-ha-ha-aha !!!” she laughed holding on to her tummy .
“ Hee-hee !! Okay ! Okay ! O-Kay !I’m stopping !” Chany announced then she took one last look at Kangta who was now wiping tears away with his hand . “ Puhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha !!!”
“ Dang girl ! Control yourself !” somebody shouted to the left of them . They all turned and saw Caline who was wearing a jeans overall with a red casual blouse inside . Her face didn’t show any bruises b/c of all the make-up she stashed onto her face .
“ Hey Cal.” They all said . Caline made her way towards them .
“ Oh ! Hey Chris !!” Caline shouted hugging Christina .
“ Hey , Hey . Wait .” Chany said anxiously signaling them to form a circle around Kangta and the bench .
“ What ?” they all asked .
“ We’re all wearing the same type of outfits .” Chany stated pointing at everyone’s jeans and red shirts / tank tops/blouse. They all laugh .
“ Guess we all have one mind.” Said Christina .
“ Yeah .” said Caline
“ * sniff* Hey Callie .” Kangta said softly finally being able to talk but he was still staring at the ground .
“ Ha-ha . Baby what happened ?” Caline asked softly sitting next to Kangta .
Kangta shook his head still looking at the ground . Caline smiled “ Hey wanna go with me to get a cup of coffee ?”
“ Oh . Okay . Sure lez get coffee .” he said
“ Okay.” She said getting up . Kangta got up too .
“ Hey I want coffee too !” Hee Jun , Chany , and Christina shouted . “ Get me---“
“ Ha-ha hey !” Caline interrupted . “ You all got legs and hands get your own coffee !”
All three put their hands over their hips and pouted . ‘get your own.’ Kangta mouthed laughing .
“ Fine !”they all said . They all joined in a group and walked to get their morning coffee .

:*: Meanwhile on the other side of Campus :*:

Jae Won , HyeSung , Hyukie , and Grace all walked out classily out of Jae Won’s car . All four walked on campus side -by-side looking like the hottest bunch they all seem like they planned on wearing the same thing b/c they were all wearing Khaki and white . The boys were wearing A white t-shirt with baggy khaki pants and Grace was wearing a white tank top and a khaki skirt . Although it was a dark day it seemed like they were the light in everyone’s day . All their hairs seem to bounce perfectly up and down , while their walking was both sensual and cool . Grace was the envy of all the girls , for she was walking in between 3 very good-looking guys , all the powders and make-up on her face successfully hid all the bruises making her look normal. Jae Won ,Hyesung and Hyukie were the envy of all the guys because almost all the girls on campus was checking them out persistently .
‘Hey Hyuk !’…. ‘Hey Sungie !’ …. ‘ Yo Woo !’ …. ‘ Hyesers !’ ….. ‘ Sup Hyukie ?’
‘Hey brainiac- heart breaker !’ …. ‘ Sup Dog ?!’ ….’ Welcome back HyeSung .’ …… ‘ Where your girls Hyukster ?’
These greetings were shouted by the walking campus students who either knows or wants to get to know HyeSung/Woo Hyuk . Who were one of the most popular guys on campus .Hyukie and Sungie nodded their heads at each greeting with a bright smile .
Grace and Jae Won both felt like they were being ignore but they both didn’t say anything. Grace looked around and noticed that guys that were walking by were smiling and checking her out . Jae Won was seeing the same thing---the only difference being is that all the smiles and checking out are from the girls . Grace looked to the left side of her and saw a boy walking out of a room with a cup of coffee with another girl who was holding two fat books. She twitched her eyes a bit .“ The guy looks hella familiar .” she thought . “ Oh . Tony !” she shouted recognizing it’s him . She felt a twinge of jealousy when she saw Tony with another girl . But it was so small that she didn’t even realize it was there .
Tony looked up at who was calling his name . He laughed when he saw Grace and the guys who were all wearing the same outfits and stuff .
“ Hey there’s HyeSung .” Tony said to the girl who was walking with him .
Tony and the girl walked up to the khaki/white clique .
“ Morning Tony , Morning Julie” said HyeSung to Tony and the girl who was next to Tony .
“ Morning .” Julie and Tony replied . Julie took a step forward and gave a fat book to HyeSUng . “ Here’s your book fool .” Julie said handing HyeSung one of the fat books .
“ Th---thanx .” said HyeSung “ How much do I owe you ?” HyeSung asked taking his wallet out of his pocket .
“ It’s cool . You dun have to pay me .” said Julie
“ Are you sure ?”
“ Yeah.”
“ Is she a cool sister or what ?!” HyeSUng shouted putting his arm over Julie’s shoulder .
Hyukie nodded slowly . All this time he was mesmerized by Julie’s unique face . She doesn’t look at all Korean . She looks like she’s Flip or Cambodian or sumtin . He doesn’t know but there’s something about her deep brown eyes that’s got him totally smittened by her .
“ What ?!Sister ?!” Everyone except Tony and Hyukie hollered .
HyeSung , Tony , and Julie laughed . “ Street sister .” Julie corrected .
“ OoOooOOooOo.”
“ Hey , you Korean ?” Hyukie asked
“ No , I’m Khmer/Flip .” Julie answered . “ I just speak it.” She added smiling . Hyukie smiled back .
“ Hey Grace .” Tony greeted taking a sip out of his hot coffee
“ Hey Tony .” Grace said shyly
“ Oh ! Julie ! This is Jae Won , Grace , and Woo Hyuk , guys this is Julie .” HyeSung introduced .
“ Hey .” they all said to each other .
“ Nice to meet you Julie.” Hyukie said casually .
“ Nice to meet you too , Woo Hyuk.” Julie said smiling .
HyeSUng then took a step back from Tony and Julie and joined his line again . Everyone looked at him strangely .
“ Hey . Look at what their wearing.” He stated to Grace , Jae Won , and Hyukie . They looked at Tony and Julie an laughed . They both were wearing white and khaki too .
“ Ha-ha . Wanna join our walking group?” Jae Won asked
“ Sure .” They replied joining the horizontal line .
“ You look extremely beautiful this morning Grace.” Tony complimented walking and coming in between Jae Won and Grace .
“ Hey thanx .” said Grace blushing a bit.
“Nice.” Jae Won muttered
Tony ignored his brother and continued walking side-by-side with Grace .
“ Where we going ?” Jae Won asked .
“ I need to get some books form the bookstore that’s in the library.” Said Grace .
“ Me too.” Said Hyukie
“ Same here .” said Tony .
“ Okay . we’ll all go then .” said HyeSung .

_______________ ______________ ___________ ______________ ______

:*: After few minutes of walking :*:

“ For reals ?!” Julie shouted lively at Grace , while walking next to her .
“ Yeah .” Grace answered . “ Whenever Jae Won and HyeSung gets sad they both always take out their family photo and kiss it so they don’t feel so sad .”
Grace has been talking Jae Won’s and HyeSung humiliating past .
“ Awhhhhhhhhh !” Everyone cooed while laughing at HyeSUng and Jae Won who turned red form complete embarrassment .
“ Should I tell more stories ?” Grace asked laughing .
“ NO !!!” HyeSung and Jae Won roared .
“ Awh !!! BoooOoOooOOoO ! BoOoOOoOoOoO ! We wanna hear more !” Tony cried giving them two thumbs down .
“ Oh you wanna hear more ?!” Jae Won asked heatedly . Tony nodded happily .
“ Okay ! How about this ?! Remember Amy Kim ?” Jae Won said slowly . Tony immediately stopped nodding . His forehead was beginning to sweat like hell . “ Anyways , last year Tony asked her out on a date . And she said yes ! And well Tony was so surprised and happy that he------.” Tony hastily ran up from behind and jumped on Jae Won’s back covering Jae Won’s mouth with his bare-cold hands .
“ AhhHhhHhhHhHh ! Get off me !” Wonnie muffled through Tony hands .
“ No !No ! I will not allow you to complete your sentence !”
The others began to crack up at what they were seeing .
“ Ha-ha-ha !!!!!” Grace laughed while holding on to her tummy . She clapped her hands loudly amused by what she’s seeing . The others did the same not realizing that everyone on campus was looking at them .
“ AhHhHh ! He peed all over himself !” Jae Won shouted breathlessly after he was able to get Tony of him .
“ What ?!” Everyone shouted shocked for a minute. “ Puhahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahahahahahahahahahha !!!!!” they all erupted .
Tony covered his tomato ears to stop hearing the horrific laughter .
“ Ha-ha . Tony.” Grace began trying to stay sober from the laughing gas. Then she hugged him . “ It’s okie . We all still love you even though you’re a dork Ha-ha .”
“ Gee thanks .”
“ Yeah . We love .” Julie stated laughing then she went behind Hyukie and rested her forehead on his back while she continued to laughing uncontrollably . Hyukie began to feel insecure , a first for him cause he never feel insecure whenever he’s with a girl before . Millions of thought is roaming in his mind .
“ Oh god , what if my back isn’t built enough for her ?! What if my back isn’t tan enough for her ?! Then would she lose interest in me ?! Wait ! Does she have any interest in my at all ?! She does right ?! I mean that’s why she laughing on my
back . Is that her way of flirting ? Oh wait , maybe she’s just being friendly…or maybe----“

:: BANG !!!::

Hyukie suddenly felt like everything was becoming black . He painfully closed his eye feeling a sharp pain on his forehead .
Everyone looked over him with concern . Turns out he was too into his thoughts that he bumped hard into a light pole and then collapsed on the floor .
“ Hee-hee . Ha-ha . Hyukie ! You okay ?!” Tony asked trying to control his laughter as he got down on his knees and slapped Hyukie repeatedly .
“ Omigod . Is he dead ?!” Julie shrieked .
Grace rolled her eyes . “ Girl ! You can’t die form bumping into a light pole !”
“ OoOOoOoOOh .” Hyukie moaned opening his eyes . His vision first was blurry so he couldn’t see anything clearly .
“ He’s waking up !” Tony proclaimed leaning down to get a closer look at Hyukie . Hyukie closed his eyes and opened then again . Then is visions began to get clearer and clearing. He closed his eyes and opened them again .
“ AhHhHhhHhHhhHHhhHHhh !” Hyukie hollered when he saw Tony’s face WaAaAaaAaaY to close to his . “ What the fuck you doing so close to me man ?!” he shouted getting up and backing away from Tony .
“ Hey , Hey ! Get over yourself ! I wasn’t gonna give you mouth to mouth fool ! “ Tony screamed standing up .
“ Come on ! Let’s go !” Grace cried linking arms with Tony .
They all began to walk again .
“ Damn ! Is that an outdoor group of nerds or something ?!” Julie asked walking side-by-side with Hyukie .
The rest of the group looked on a ahead at the ‘Jean/Red’ group .
“ What the----? Their all hella dressed alike .” said Grace
Jae Won looked at her up and down . Then did the same with the other people .
“ Uh---ha-ha we all dressed alike too.” He said laughing .
“ Shut up !” Grace cried smacking Wonnie on the shoulder .
“No ! I refuse to shut up !” Wonnie shouted playfully.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ *

“ Who the fuck are those losers ?” Hee Jun asked laughing when he saw some ‘up class snobs’ walking from a distance .
“ Damn . Their all dressed alike !” Christina shouted “ HmmmM…those guys look pretty hot.”
Hee Jun erupted with jealousy but he kept a closed lid . “ I can take those snobby rich brats .” Hee Jun muttered
“ Hey Chany , he’s referring to you.” Kangta stated laughing . Caline and Christina laughed a bit too . But then stopped when Chany gave them both a cold, icy stare . Chany took offense to what Kangta said and glared at him meanly .
“ Shut your trap bitch.” Chany said coldly dogging Kangta .
Kangta’s smile was wiped off his face . “ Hey sorry , just playing . You know…you take these stupid comments too seriously .”
Chany ignored what Kangta said and gave him the cold shoulder . She turned her attention to the noisy people ahead of her .
Caline began to walk slowly when she heard the voices of one of the guys in that group . “ Jae Won .” she thought .
Kangta looked at Caline then held her hand . “ What’s wrong ?” he asked , stopping walking .
Caline shook her head gradually “ Nothing, nothing . Let’s go get that coffee before I begin to sleep while walking.” She said laughing weakly . Kangta laughed then he continued walking holding hands with Caline . Chany continued to look on ahead at the crowd ahead of her , sensing a feeling a familiarity . Hee Jun , Kangta , Christina , Caline felt it too .
“ Gasp !” Chany gasped at the sight ahead of her when she recognize everyone in that other group . Her eyes went to Tony and Grace who were both linking arms and skipping like their this happy couple .
Kangta and Caline saw what Chany saw .
“ Aigoz , Tony .” they both said putting their hands over their forehead . Hee Jun immediately stopped walking .
“ That’s Tony ?!” he cried angrily . “ Chany’s boyfriend ?!”
“ Gasp ! You guys finally hooked up ?!” Christina asked cheerfully hopping over to Chany who was to angry to answer her so she just nodded . Hee Jun heatedly jogged over to the other group .
“ HEY !” He shouted furiously pulling Tony’s collar . Tony looked at him angrily . “ Hey ! Hey ! What the fuck you doing ! Let go of my collar bitch !”he cried grabbing Hee Jun’s hands and throwing them off his collar .
“ Hee Jun ! What are you doing ?!” Grace shouted angrily .
“ Grace that guy’s not single ! He-s playing you !” Hee Jun cried .
“ What?!” asked Grace
“ I’m not a player ! And I’m not playing you .” said Tony looking at Junie then at Grace .
“ I know you’re not a player .” said Grace linking arms closer to Tony and then resting on his chest . “ you’re just a fucken bastard.” She thought angrily but still managing to have a smile appear on her face .
“ GrRrRrRrrRRrRrRrRrRrrRRrr !!!!!!” Chany crossly stomped over to the other group
“ Tony !!!” Kangta and Caline cried whispering . “ Chany !”They whispered , standing on their heels and pointing at Chany .
Tony looked then saw Chany . “ AhHHhh . AhHhHh. “ he groaned releasing his arms from Grace then backing away form her .
Tony then took a deep breath . “ Chany !” he cried acting surprise as he walked over coolly to her . “ Hey baby .” he said hugging her lovingly . “ Hey . you Look elegant today .” he complimented . Chany looked at her Jean/Red tank tops . “ Think up another word. My style right now isn’t ‘elegant’ .She said coldly backing away from Tony .She then made her way to Grace . Grace observe the scene she saw with a smirk across her face . She’s enjoying every minute seeing Chany angry like that . Chany stopped saw the excessive smirk Grace has on her face .
“ How stupid do I look right now ? That bitch must be enjoying every minute seeing me angry like this .Well , I just act cool and sensual then.” She thought with a big , happy expression on her face . She turned around then made her way to Tony . She hugged him and kissed him on the lips .
“I’m just playing . God babe . Can’t you take a joke ?” she asked giggling .
Tony smiled in relief . “ Want me to carry your books for you?” Tony asked happily . “ Okay !” she cried handing Tony the three chubby books . Tony happily took the books and carried it . Chany linked arms with him joyfully .
“ Wanna go get coffee with me ?” she asked .
“ Sure.” He replied .
Grace couldn’t believe her eyes . “ This cannot be happening .” she thought . then another smile appeared across her face .
“ I can still make my plan work.” She thought .
“ Hey what time is it ?” She asked mindlessly .
“ 8:10 !” Hyukie shouted
“ WHAT ?!” Everyone screamed .
“ God ! I’m late !” They all cried running off in different directions .
“ My books ! I forgot my books !” Kangta cried running across campus and back to the bench where he left his books .
“ Whew ! Still there !” he cried grabbing his books and running to class .
“ Choo-Choo ! Choo-choo !” Hee Jun hollered like a trained when he ran in between students who were also running to class .
“ Move ! Move ! Move !!” Grace cried pushing everyone out of her way as she made her way into class .
“ God ! My professor is gonna bitch at me till I’m 30 !” Chany cried running over the wet lawn then running into a big building , then she ran a tripped over somebody .
“ Ow.” Said the girl . “ Hey why don’t you watch where you were going?”
“ oh ! Sorry ! Sorry ! Sorry! I didn’t want to be late for Professor’s Vuth’s class !” Chany cried helping the girl up .
“ Oh you have him right now too ?!” The girl asked joyfully .
“ Uh-huh ! Cool ! You have him now ?!”
“ Uh-huh .” the girl said .
“ Hi , me Chany . You ?” she asked offering her hand .
Mimi looked at Chany curiously . “ This girl looks familiar .” she thought .
“ I’m Mi---Cindi .” Mimi stuttered . “ You’re Cindi now Mimi ! CINDI ! Not Mimi ! Remember that .” she told herself .
“ Okie ! Hi Cindi !” Chany said lively .
“ Hi Chany .” said Cindi .
Chany looked at her up and down . “ Where you from ?” she asked all of a sudden .
“ Cali .” Cindi answered
“ Coolio !” Chany shrieked .
“ We should get to class.” Cindi said laughing as she looked at her watch .
“ Oh shit yeah !Ha-ha ! Let’s go !” Chany cried running in with Cindi next to her .

To Be Continue...



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