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Love Request

There's a show in Korea called Sarang-ae- Request(Love Request) where viewers call in or send in donations to help needy people((people who are sick and can't afford treatment; children who are living a hard life)). HOT fans had been sending in 1,000won(about~$1) in a white envelope for a about 2(?) months(not sure -_-;) now and today(23rd), the show announced that the fans donated 8,303,000 won!! [[ That's about... $8000(??) ]] This was also mentioned on Yunae GajoongGae((entertainment news program)).. It showed all the white envelopes that were sent in and there were A LOT... ^^* Fans who were @ HeeJun oppa's house that day, said that after the show was aired, HeeJun oppa came up to his window and said "Thanks Everyone" ^^

From ::achiti::

HOT will be making a 3-day comeback....

HOT will be making a 3-day comeback in mid-January. HOT, who had stopped all activities as a result of KangTa's DUI, has decided to hold concerts from January 18 to 20 at Olympic Park due to fans' continuous requests. One person working with HOT says that this is not yet final, but it is true that there are talks of a comeback stage. Also, in Moon Heejun's voice message to the fans, he mentions a surprising show that the members are in the midst of preparing for the fans. However, it is not certain that HOT will continue performing after the concerts due to their scheduled concert in China and the same company group SES's activities.

Taken from : soompi

Some info....

>> on 12/16, Lee Ji Hoon's older sister got married and Kang Ta and Tony attended her wedding celemony..
Kang Ta, Shin Hae Sung(ShinHwa) and Lee Ji Hoon sang the congratulatory song together, "Nuh-reul saranghae"(not the SES song), and their harmony sounded heavenly.
Tony wore a black hat, trenchcoat, pretty muffler and thin-framed glasses and looked very scholarly.
Kang Ta dressed in an off-black suit and had his hair natually down.
Kang Ta's mother and father also came to the wedding.

[source: "Kanggoon mahnsae" from "bit-gyo"]

>> HOT will receive one of the main awards in the MBC Music Awards on 12/31, even if they do not attend the award show.
HOT will not receive any award in SBS Music Awards(12/29) or KBS Music Awards(12/30).

[source: "Sportstoday" newspaper]

>> the movie "Dan-juk-bi-yun-soo" will be made into a TV animation - 6 parts, 30 minutes each. This will air December next year and SM Entertainment singers are planning to make its OST.

[source: originally from "Eh-nel", i got it from "bit-gyo"]

Rumors about Kangta dating with with Park Ji Young

Maybe you already heard about this rumors like Kangta hanging out with Park Ji Young, etc, etc...but I tell ya this rumor all LIE !! NOT TRUE !! DON"T BELIEVE THIS !!! It's just a rumors okay?? And I think this rumors kinda old...long long time before Kangta got accident and 5th album coming out, coz I ever heard this rumors before but why this rumors was discuss now ??? ^^;;

Notes : This info from ~Orangez~

2 of KangTa's songs in Lee JiHoon album.. & Lee JiHoon + Shin HyeSung duet.

Sports Today article ; Shin HyeSung*Lee JiHoon, displaying their outstanding friendship
Singer Lee JiHoon and Shin HyeSung from group Shinhwa are catching people's attention by displaying their outstanding friendship. Lee JiHoon, who had received a song from HOT's KangTa before, recently decided to include a duet song with Shin HyeSung in his project album and went to work. The reason why Lee JiHoon was set up with Shin HyeSung to sing a duet was because KangTa was the one who wrote the song they would be singing together. At first, Lee JiHoon had planned to receive 2 songs from KangTa and also do a duet, however, because of KangTa's 'DWI incident' it was canceled. But because he had already received the song, he asked ShinHwa's Shin HyeSung for help due to the fact that his singing style was similar to that of KangTa's. Shin HyeSung, who heard Lee JiHoon's request, agreed on the spot and stated that he was "planning to show off the strong friendship with a fellow singer while presenting a beautiful harmony."

Notes : From +:+Shin..Chang+:+

Why H.O.T (and other groups) didn't get awards from Seoul Dae-Sang.

Seo Tae Ji - said he won't show on the stage
Kim Hyun Jung - not good enough performance at the second half of the year
Hong Gyung Min - not good enough performance at the first half of the year
Baek Ji Yung & **H.O.T** - caused immorality in the society
Clon - Kang Won Lae's injury made them unable to show on the stage
Sharp & Country KoKo & Shinhwa - didn't sell enough albums
PaPaYa & Fly to the Sky - didn't have a good song after their title song

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