~Hee Jun~

Real Name: Moon Hee Jun
Birthday: Seoul, March 14, 1978
Height: 173
Weight: 59
Blood Type: B
Religion: Buddhist
School: Junior at KyungKi University
Nickname: Gizmo (coz his big eyes ^^;;)
Candy Number: 23
Candy Color: Yellow
Favorite food: Mi yuk gook (note: a soup made with seaweed...it’s usually eaten on a birthday...*^^*)
Favorite color: purple
Favorite music genre: Drum & Bass, classical
Favorite word: ready
Favorite type of clothing: casual hip hop
Favorite musician: Teddy Riley, Sisqo, Pink
Stress relieving method: drive
Jinx: If I wake up too quickly in the morning, I end up being tired all day long..^^
Habit: I always look over at the other members when they’re next to me
Hobby: going around and asking everyone what their hobbies are
Special talent: composing, choreographing, singing, rapping, gag (note: gag is a type of comedy in Korea....*^^*)
Most valued object: my lovely instruments
Ideal girl: a girl who has lots of charm and has eyes like me
Most touching movie you’ve seen recently: Gong Dong Gyung Bi Goo Yuk JSA (note: I think it’s a movie that’s getting reallie popular in Korea rite now....)
Most touching book you’ve read recently: Oh Chae ae Bool Mak Jok
Outlook on music: the introduction of a song is what determines if the song is good or bad
Your motto: Pain today is just the window of tomorrow’s hope.

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