~HOT 5th special thanks~

Always unchangeably reliable/strong Mr. Lee SooMan and KyongWook hyong who helps in all activities. Managers HyunJong hyong, KwanYoung hyong, HeeYong hyong, JuMo hyong and JaeHong hyong who always take care of us from closeby. Thank you. YoungJin hyong who gave us much help to grow as songwriters and recording studio's JungHee hyong and DuHyun hyong who helped us to extend our musical desire/greed to heart's content (get some sleep now). We also thank office's GiBum hyong, KangSu hyong YunJung noona, KyongMin hyong and all other S.M. family. And deep thanks also to KyongGi University 'So-rit-gyul' and 'Sohn-mal' Love association members. To director Hong JongHo for filming good music video, stylists MoonSuk, MiSook, EunAh, SangHee, JiHun and YoonJae noonas who research/study only H.O.T.'s cool looks, AVEX Inc. 'MyongJin Art' staff, parents who gave birth to and raised us till now and family members, we impart love and thanks. Lastly, we give infinite thanks to our 80,000 'Club H.O.T.' family whom we can not exchange for anything and 70,000 communications(intra-net) fanclub members of 'L.E.O.T', 'Teenager', 'CandyTown', 'Oh-bang-jang-goon', 'Creator', 'Ah-reum-da-oon Dok-jeh-ja' and others. We love you.

[so-rit-gyul=sound wave/textuture, sohn-mal=hand talk, oh-bang-jang-goon=5 direction commanders/chiefs, ah-reum-da-oon dok-jeh-ja=beautiful monarchs]

So many people were my strength till the release of 5th album. First Mr. Lee SooMan who is my music artistic father. Recording studio 'Chu-ka Chu-ka Chu' YoungJin hyong. Sullong JuMo hyong. 'Hohoho' HeeYong~ hyong. 'Yes, I understand' JaeHong hyong. SangHee, MiSook, JiHun, YunJae and MoonSuk noonas who complied even to my difficult requests. 'Sissors-rock-paper' MinWoo. You too 'She's gone' HaeSung (hehe!). Bigger than I, cute Jin. What up! Rapper Eric. DongAn who hardened before me. Andy who would call if he hadn't lost his phone. Bastard HwanSung who tore my heart the most in my whole life (pray go to a good place). RoKi hyong who made me nurture the singer dream and other 'TinTin5' hyongs. Miss u DongHyup hyong. Buy me food! JinSu hyong. 'Cult' triple hyongs who's really good to me when we meet. Wrinkles are expanding 'Three Friends' (SangMin hyong, WoongIn hyong, DaHoon hyong). MinJong hyong who made me strong. Mental proprietor SeungHoon hyong. Loyalty! YongMin, WooSuk and SangMin. Brian who came to recording studio to see me and stayed up all night together. HwanHee, I'm not mad at you. Hope you're happy 'DoolRi'. JiHoon or hyong (?), still confused whether you're hyong and dongseng. Wise performers and like my real little bros, SoYun, JaeWon, SangHoon, JiHoon, KangIn, JinYoung and HyunJae. 'Bo-gool Bo-gool', so good and cute. Somehow thankful Teddy, Riley, Sisqo, DongAn...(want to write all but...). GunHyong, lets get together. SungHoon, should see each other,eh. Study diligently and buy and eat all delicious food you want, love you HaeRi. Mom, love ya too (kinda embarrasing/akward...). Didn't spare musical advise Jjoni, Bali uncle, aunts. Ggokji and Ggamji who repeatedly sleep on my clothes. Still lively Borongee. And true musician KangTa (perhaps you're a hyong too?). Tony ya, this song is so good. Really good rapper JaeWon. WooHyuk who probably couldn't live a day without hiphop. Lastly, I know it was hard for you to wait. I feel so thankful and sorry that I want to give this album to you. You, in the name of 'fan'... ...

[sullong=lame(as in jokes), 'she's gone' is a title of a song, 'cult triple' r comedian trio, 'three friends' is a tv sitcom. loyalty! is a salutation word. 'SoYun' is typo and should be 'SoMin'(said in 'TenTenClub' radio show 10/15). ggokji and ggamji r his shih tzu dogs, gorongee is his poodle. 'tony ya, this song...' refers to tony's 'NBK']

Translated by : NoShadow


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