~History of HOT~

The first member to be discovered for HOT was Ahn Chil Hyun (now known as Kangta). While hanging out with his friends at Lotte World(Korean disneyland). They manager saw him dancing and singing and was impressed by what he saw and approached him with a card. Although Kangta's father was against him becoming a gassoo, he went in at the early age of 14 to begin his training. He began as a backdancer for Yoo Young Jin. Moon Hee Jun was the next member to be added to HOT, Hee Jun had scheduled a meeting with the managers ahead of time so that he might be able to make it and he made it!! He also began as Yoo Young Jin 's backdancer with Kangta. Hee jun, who heard of Jae Woon 's dancing skills ask him to try out and made it. (I also heard from other site that Hee Jun is popular in his school and same school with Jae Woon). Jang Woo Hyuk, who is winning the first place at national dance contest was asked to tryout for HOT and made it too. The last member of HOT was Tony. The manager, Lee Soo Man, traveled to LA to held tryout and both Tony and his close friend Andy(now in Shinhwa) made it in. But only after 4 short months of practise, Andy 's parents withdrew their support and Andy dropped out of HOT. The Highfive Of Teenagers debuted on Sept 07 1996 with their first album. "We Hate All Kind of Violance" Their tittle song was " Junsa Ae Hoo Yeh " (Warrior Descendant), but later it was found that song was banned off a cyprus hill and they stopped performing it. After that they switched song to "Candy", sending HOT to the top of the charts. Their cute song quickly become a fad in korean music industry. After fading away from the crowd, HOT come back on June 28 1997 with their 2nd Album "Wolf and Sheep" And surprisingly, their tittle song "Wolf and Sheep" was quickly banner from station coz of language. Then they came out with a new song "Haeng Book" which was at the top of the chart in notime. Their next single was "We Are The Future". This album set a record for selling over 100.000 copies for only 10 days!!! And also included for MTV asian viewer choise 1998. HOT 3rd album "Ressurection" was release on Sept 25 1998, with their tittle song "Beet" which was written by Kangta was performed next and received the king of the kings award. "Promise Of HOT" was performed next. HOT had their second concert at Se Jeong culture from 1/22 - 1/28 1999. The long awaited 4th album released in Sept 15 1999.And now the newest Album is "Outside Castle".

HOT Albums :
1st Album "We Hate All Kind Of Violance"
2nd Album "Wolf And Sheep"
3rd Album "Ressurection"
4th Album "Iyah!"
5th Album "Outside Castle"

HOT address :
HOT (SM Entertainment)
88-6 Banpo 4-dong
Seocho - Ku
Seoul, Korea 137-004

Also can be in here :
Seoul KangNam-gu KangNam Post Office Box #403
South Korea


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