~Jae Won~

Real Name: Lee Jae Won
Birthday: Seoul, April 5, 1980
Height: 182
Weight: 60
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
School: KyungKi University, Sophomore
Nickname: Octopus
Candy Number: 48
Candy Color: Orange
Favorite food: kimchi jjigae (note: kimchi stew), meat
Favorite color: white
Favorite genre of music: rap, R&B
Favorite singer: H.O.T, Janet Jackson, Babyface....
Favorite word: enthusiasm, diligence, sincerity
Favorite style of clothing: casual hip hop, sometimes formal
Favorite musician: Teddy Riley, Babyface (I like black** music)
Stress relieving method: Web searching, listening to music
Jinx: I really donít have one
Habit: my leg trembles (but only when HeeJun hyung is sitting next to me ^^)
Hobby: surfing the net
Talent: typing quickly (about 700 dozen^^)
Most valued possession: my lovely instruments
Ideal girl: a girl who doesnít think of work as work, but works happily
Most touching movie youíve seen recently: "Ban Chik Wang", "Gladiator"
Most touching book youíve read recently: "100 Little Secrets of Successful People"
Outlook on music: if itís pleasing to the ear, itís definitely OK, the different views arenít that important
Motto: Just do it! Itíll happen.


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