January 2001's News

Moon Hee Jun Request
Recently on the internet, HOT's Moon Hee-jun requested that fans stop taking the license plate of his Audi TT. Coupe. The fine for driving without a license plate is 300-man won [almost $2400], so he cannot drive anywhere. He has tried getting temporary license plates, but even those were stolen after a few days. It is even more frustrating for him because he has a lot of recordings to do these days, but it takes him longer to get to the studio.

Taken from : Soompi

HOT Concert might be postponed....
HOT's concerts in Korea might be postponed due to lack of preparation and because Lee Jaewon injured his heel and ligament during the commercial shootings in Australia. He has been receiving outpatient treatment regularly since the group's return to Korea, but his condition still isn't that good. His heel is very swollen and he is experiencing severe pain, making him limp when he walks. Doctors say that the aftereffects of the injury can be serious if he goes on without letting it heal first. SM will see how his condition is a week before the concerts and then decide whether or not to go on as scheduled. HOT usually practices for 2 to 3 months in advance but due to member Lee Jaewon's situation and the unscheduled overseas commercial filming, HOT says that they would like to have about another month of practice. HOT member Lee Jaewon's left ankle is fractured and needs about 6 weeks of treatment to heal completely.

Taken from : Soompi

Some news.....
o SM Entertainment has joined hands with YunYoung Productions. Song SeungHun, Song HyeGyo, HOT, SES, Shinhwa, F2TS, BoA, etc. has become one big family. Song SeungHun, Song HyeGyo and other actors from YunYoung Productions are planning to appear in the music videos of HOT and other SM singers. Also HOT, Shinhwa, etc. are planning to perform at Song SeungHun and Song HyeGyo's fan club functions.

o HOT soap will supposedly be released on the 15th of this month. There will be one for each member and there's supposed to be either a ring or badge that comes along with it.((I'm not 100% sure about this -_-;; ))?

o KangTa is planning to dedicate his new song to the fans at their upcoming concert(18th~21st). This song is filled with all of the emotions he held inside his heart during their resting period.

o Wondering about HOT's clothing size~? ^^
This is from the Korean Karl Kani webpage..
KangTa wears a L~ and his pants are about 34..
Because JaeWon's so tall, his shirts are a XL and his pants are 36.
WooHyuk's shirts are L and his pants are 34~36..
SeungHo wears a L or XL and his pants are 34~36... and finally...
HeeJun's shirt size is XL and his pants are 36..
Of course, depending on the design of the clothes there are slight changes!
(this is more like random info rather than news ^^;;)

From ..::achiti(HT)::..

H.O.T will make their 6th album....

H.O.T will work on their 6th album after their concert 18-20 january. Hope this don't cancel again ^^

H.O.T Concert

HOT will be making a 3-day comeback in mid-January. HOT, who had stopped all activities as a result of KangTa's DUI, has decided to hold concerts from January 18 to 20 at Olympic Park due to fans' continuous requests. One person working with HOT says that this is not yet final, but it is true that there are talks of a comeback stage. Also, in Moon Heejun's voice message to the fans, he mentions a surprising show that the members are in the midst of preparing for the fans. However, it is not certain that HOT will continue performing after the concerts due to their scheduled concert in China and the same company group SES's activities.

Taken from : Soompi

H.O.T in Australia ??

HOT was supposed to shoot a foreign commercial for Asiana Airlines but because of delays, HOT's side is demanding compensation from the airline for the resulting loss of 250-man won [almost $2000]. Even with the intense holiday plane ticket warfare, HOT was able to buy tickets through an online travel agency for Asiana Airlines flight 601 on December 29 at 8:05 PM. However, HOT was not able to leave for Sydney, Australia until December 30 at 8:30 AM due to delays caused by airplane maintenance. As a result, HOT's side, which consists of 18 people including staff, lost 250-man won, which was used for the extra day's lodgings. Asiana Airlines isn't able to give a clear response, only saying that they do not have specific regulations regarding this type of matter. HOT's aides say that they left for Australia saying that they will receive compensation through whatever means necessary.

Taken from : Soompi

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