July 2001's News

News about Tony

DJ Quik agreed to produce former H.O.T's Tony Ahn's solo album, which will be released summer, 2002........Funny how they called HOT as Korea's infamous hiphop group and they mentioned that, according to DJ Quik, Tony An's bi-langual rapping skills would bring Korea's hiphop to another level...... and DJ Quik is just proving his ignorance. a**holes!

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Kangta's Single Album

Kang Ta's album will be out in August. It contains mostly R&B songs in which the majority of them were written by him, Kang Ta! and probably the rest were written by Yoo Young Jin!??!?... He's going to start performing in October but he'll be on other shows on Cable T.V.

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Rumors about Kangta

Fans reaction towards Kim Min Hee?!!!!! o.O I'm sure we can take the usual guess! YUP! they did it again! In an Interview Kim Min Hee said "I heard that Kang Ta is a really nice person and now I know why." Fans replies were "So are u saying the rest of H.O.T isn't?" They started to write bad comments about her in Kim Min Hee sites and also claimed to be too close together with Taya in the cf.

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The OST of "Atlantis"

You know the movie Atlantis ?? Kangta sang two songs in that movie, but of course...in korean version ^^ One of the song the title is "Nuhaeggoomeulchaja/Where the dream takes you. Wanna hear and watch ?
Here :
~Where Dreams Takes you


Wanna download the mp3 ?? here :

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