~Kang Ta~

Real Name: Ahn Chil Hyun
Stage Name: Kang Ta
Birthday: KyukBuk, October 10, 1979
Height: 180
Weight: 65
Blood Type: B
Religion: None
School: Junior at Dong Guk University
Nickname: Gang Naeng Ee, Kamsang (coz his dark skin ^^;;)
Candy Number: 27
Candy Color: Green
Favorite food: Chung gook jang (note: dictionary says "bean-paste soup prepared with ground fermented soy beans", Gae Lan Gook (note: egg soup)
Favorite color: it changes every day depending on my mood
Favorite musician: Babyface
Favorite word: dream
Favorite style of clothing: sleek and clean clothing
Favorite genre of music: if itís music, I like it
Stress relieving method: sit still
Jinx: If in the morning, I put on a pair of socks that I donít like, the work doesnít go well that day
Habit: none
Hobby: push ups
Talent: I can jump very far
Most valued possession: H.O.T CD
Ideal girl: a girl with pretty eyes
Most touching movie youíve seen recently: The Green Mile
Most touching book youíve read recently: I donít really have much time to read these days...
Outlook on music: letís make joyful music
Your motto: letís become people with a purpose


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