May 2001's News

A Letter from Hee Jun [Part 2]

i'm sorry for making you guys hurt... i'm really sorry... all i can do is say these words... can you understand my heart? can you understand the hearts of the other members? seeing you guys all one by one, it hurt so much. sitting here alone right now, i'm scared. everyday, i want to show you my hardworking self but i can't. i'm so scared. even sitting here writing these words, i'm scared. now these are my last words... i don't have much time... believe me. if you guys aren't there, we hurt... and we know well that you guys are hurting, too. even in this late night, i can't seem to fall asleep. thank you.. for everything... the white waves (referring to the balloons) and your shouting sound is next to me right now. and with that, i can fall asleep. right now your eyes might be swollen and you're probably sleeping for tomorrow's day. how come we can't be anything to you but beings that cause you pain? (that is the saddest thing he's ever said!!) everyday, i want to face you like the other gasoos do. but right now, reality is that we can't face you. i'm right here... i'm right here next to you.. but you can't see me. i'll keep you safe... so you won't hurt anymore... i want to keep you safe... right now we're just sleeping temporarily... temporarily... but we will wake up... we'll be forever... it won't be one member... it'll be 5 members. our spirit will never die... everyone! you know! that we're all tired... that we're all hurting and sad... and that's why we're one... we're one... and you guys are one... don't ever forget that.. please don't ever change...

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A Letter from Hee Jun

japan morning, all alone... you guys... i miss you so much... like before... is it too late to turn back to how it was in the beginning since we've come too far? everytime i see you guys waving your white balloons and doing hand gestures, i get surprised! right now i'm yearning... for you guys... if you guys weren't there... we couldn't have come this far.... and also... i love you... right now i don't have any friends next to me... not the members that if i'm away from them even for a short amount of time, i miss... or you guys... now we lost the five members' hope... so each member for themselves must find a hope and lead on with that... no matter how hard... no matter how sad... no matter how much you miss us... alone, you must win. Don't give in to your complaining... you can wait for us right? you believe in us right? like this song... the thing that prevents me from opening my eyes... don't ever forget that we'll always be one. and you always have to be healthy... so that even when we get old... even when wrinkles come to our faces one by one... you'll have to love us that much more! so be healthy! you have to be healthy so that us, oppa deul have strength! right! so that we could show ourselves to you once again! all of your smiling faces... i'll prepare a lot... so that you guys can smile. but until then, please don't hurt. you promise right? i love you... all of you... and i miss you, chilhyunnie... woo hyukkie... seung ho... and youngster jaewonnie... ~heejun that hopes you will be well~

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This is a fan encounter with Woo Hyuk's father

I live in Gumi and we heard that Woo Hyuk oppa was visiting home so as soon as school got out about 11 of us grabbed taxi's and rushed to Woo Hyuk oppa's parent's house. When we got there we pressed the bell and no one answered for a bit. After a couple of minutes Woo Hyuk oppa's father came out. He looked so tired and he explained that he didn't get any sleep the whole night. We asked why and he said that girls were calling throughout the whole night. *ARGH!!!!!!!!! okay...we're all sad...doesn't mean you ahve to call Woo Hyuk oppa's dad at freaking 3 A.M!!!!* He told us to wait just a second. After a couple of minutes 4 girls came out of the house. They were fans like us. Woo Hyuk oppa's dad walked them otu and then invited all 11 of us inside. He offered drinks but we didn't want to bother him so we declined. He said a lot to us but his voice was so soft that I didn't hear everything he said. I'll try to remember as much as I can... Woo Hyuk oppa's father didn't know about the press confrence until today when he saw it written all over the newspapers. He was talking about how if you take out the periods in H.O.T then it becomes just HOT...he was also mentiong how they could come out under a new name...but it was upsetting because he seemed to be referring to only Woo Hyuk oppa, Jae Won oppa, and Tony oppa. The thing he said that hurt the most, "The people that should be the most broken down and upset is Hee Junnie and Kangta..." As soon as he said that none of us could hold in our tears... The important thing.. Woo Hyuk oppa isn't in Gumi. Even his father doesn't know where he is. Mr. Jangt told us that it's been a few days since they lost contact with Woo Hyuk oppa. he also said that it was good that they got out of SM... the last thing i remember is that he begs the fans to not call too late at night!

From h5t forum posted by 4TAnG

Kangta's automatic email response...

It's been awhile huh? It seems as if today's news article has caused much more mail... You guys promised to trust us.... Can you just trust that we're doing right and follow us? We're not going to leave you guys...I promise... Really...we're not separating...we don't want to... As long as you guys are here and we're here...we're not going to separate... You guys have said it over and over again and what we want to say to you guys is....exactly what you guys ahve been saying... Really...I hope that you guys believe in us forever... Even if we wanted to leave...we wouldn't be able to because of you guys... You guys are still are we supposed to leave then...every little thing you guys do...every little motion that you guys's reflecting us....I'm no longer going to change my response mail often anymore... I'm receiving too much emails... One wrong word...the reponse mail will go to you guys and many others too... the other members may change their response mail... of course this will be erased in one week... and it will probably change to something very short... There's no way in hell i want to hurt any of you guys... all you guys have to do is trust in us... there's no way in hell we're going to be separated...just that...forget everything else... all the bad memories....and in that empty spot remember that we're one...and that we're forever... just remember that...i beg you guys...a favor that isnt' a favor... please wait for us...forever...

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What happened to H.O.T Members......

this is all after the press confrence of woo hyuk, tony, and jae won announced they signed w/ another company... hee jun oppa abruptly took woo hyuk oppa out of the room and they left in his car. they said that kangta was crying and when he was told that tony had left korea he continued to cry and fainted...but they say he'll be okay...maybe... they say that kangta and hee jun are in shock and don't know how to take all of this in...(they thought that the other three were to be resigned like them) MANY say that as soon as hee jun and kangta's contracts end that they will reunite with the other three and although they MOST LIKELY won't come out under the same name that they will return...

This is from "inside" sources of one of the presiden'ts of club h.o.t.... Posted by 4TAnG from h5t Forum

Tony, JaeWon, and Woo Hyuk move out from SM

3 members of H.O.T: Tony Ahn (Ahn SeungHo), Jang WooHyuk and Lee JaeWon have announced to move out of their group sooksoh in Ahpgujongdong as a result from acquitting H.O.T. These three spoke to the press on the afternoon of the 13th at the Seoul Sogong Lotte Hotel, stating "Two days ago on the 11th, a deal with YaeJeon Media ent. was made to release an album." Starting in 96 as 5 members, KangTa and MoonHeeJun split with the three members after 4 years and 8 months as a result of the sooksoh arrangement. The contract of the three members with SM Entertainment had expired last April.
Thus Moon HeeJun and KangTa's SM contracts will expire next year. These three will soon release albums while currently producing them in the U.S. SM spokesperson quotes, "How could they do this without any consulting us. In conclusion we wonder whether if this is occurring because of money."

Source : achiti, Reporter hwang yoanghee/
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A letter from JaeWon to fans

In tomorrow's's obvious there will be news about our fans that'll make this situation harder. Fans...we love you very much and try not to be pained or disappointed. We hope you'll understand we're also under very difficult situations..and believe that no fan will commit anything foolish or stupid.. Please think of us as simply taking a break. And never forget our geniune color white.... We doubt Tony hyung is currently in korea. However everyone, will you wait... just for a little while? Right now... these words are very difficult... and regretful to admit... We love you as much as you believe in us. And again I repeat, please don't be disappointed or hurt.. or cry or [misunderstand]... if our fans cry tears, we cry our blood.. For what qualification do we own the right to make you all this burdened... as we're always receiving, being received... even writing this mail is making me cry.. Stay healthy, everyone.. Those momentous tears..don't shed them for us... Truly, we love you.. - Lee JaeWon -

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