~H.O.T NCD Translations~

He is saying:
Though we are always at that place,
It does not mean we sit at the same place.
It’s a little bit hard but powerfully
We will keep on moving on forward.
As we used to do so far, always.

Then Hee jun is talking in like an interview kinda atmosphere:
Auh~ Others might not understand.
Really just like this except the time
When I dance onstage under the spotlight,
I feel constantly lonely during my daily life.
In spite of lonliness,
I think it’s nothing for me because I’m so happy.

Then I think this is sorta his poem? He is sitting on top of a car:
I will go to the end of the road.
Never stop nor give up.
Don’t be afraid.
The future, the future belongs to only those
Who stand on the road and run, You will come to know.

Then Kang ta talking:
Whenever I come back from travel, I feel get older.
Well~It means that mentally a little bit~grown up
Because I see and learn a lot during travel.
Yes?~the place I like to go?
I went to newyork, but couldn’t see much.
So I would like to see every corner of new york as much as possible.
Since nobody will recognize me or care
When I walk on the street anyway.
Just by myself, I want to walk around here and there.
What I want to visit the most is therefore New York

Kang ta poem kang ta is taking a walk on the beach with his cute doggie:
Relaxing time since such a long time ago…
Feeling light hearted….
So pleasant moments, how it will be nice
To store them in the place such as a museum
And sneak to see whenever I feel lonely….
I feel like going back..
Then, all precious memories which you gave to me
Will be treasured without fading away….
(his doggie is cute =P Kang ta so cute running on the beach ~ so pretty the scene with birds in the sky -sigh-)

Then tony is talking:
Um~when I felt most difficult might be
The time my parents sperate from each other
No money, nothing to promise for future I had at that time.
I didn’t even know how my father was
Eh~It was the hardest time fro me.

Then his poem he is boxing a puncing bag:
I want to smash!
My internal frame which puts me inside.
And intangible wall which surrounds the frame.
After awhile, on the day when everything is smashed
And my new self is spotlighted again,
You and I might get closer than now.

Then Jae Won is talking:
Yea~ I had numerous dreams when I was a child.
Um~among them, like I once said At the T.v. show program.
Well~ I initially wanted to be an inventor but
I changed my mind to a singer gradually
Since I learned dance at the middle school
Now I became a singer.

JaeWon’s poem he is on a boat in a biiiig lake or ocean (?) nice:
At this place where everything is still and tranquil.
Solitarily beating outstandingly in a loud sound… heart beat.
When I sit still and listen to my continuous uproarious Heartbeat,
I feel passion at the very initial stage of my career which I
Might forget as if I listen to your shout on the stage.

Yeah~ dance has the most important meaning to me.
First of all, it changed my views remarkably
And my appearance too.
My mind, that is, my inner thoughts changed.
Dance enabled me to be able to do this and
Let me know many people.
So, I really think dance is such a nice fellow, isn’t it!

Cutie WooHyukie’s poem =P he is dancing so cute :
Myself, it is obviously me.
But, I think different than usual when I dance.
Since I feel like only myself takes a breath and moves.
Heaven and star, sun and ocean,
Everything in the world seems to inspire me
Including yourself who cares about me as now

All of them on train tracks:
One, Two , Three, Ya!
Hi five ya!
One two three, ya! Hahahaha…
(then they jump up and high five each other)


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