October 2000's News

1. Don't worry too much about kangta's injury to his side. it's not serious. fan said his manager did an emergency treament and it hurt him for a while but he seems pretty okay now. (he was walking with heeyong the manager from a nearby diner into the backgate of SBS building when group of fans recognized him and ran toward him. trying to get away from those frantic fans, kangta poked his left side on a corner of a prop near the gate security office.)

2. OC is #1 at cable NTV's 'N-top inkigayo' for 3 wk in a row and made 'best of best'! (so OC won't be in this chart anymore.)

3. OC is #1 at MBC 'Music Camp' on 10/28, beating out Jo SungMo.

4. On 10/21, becus of flake sprays on Music Camp's stage by previous singer(s), HOT performed OC with careful movements so as not to fall on that slippery stage and posted an explanation/apology notice for not performing their best, at smtown.com(they didn't need to apologize -.-)

5. Heejun's black hair is a short needed phase before his next hair dye. he's contemplating between green and blond. (what do u think?)

6. Woohyuk and tony are going to move from their current condominium. their stuffs have already been moved but they still sleep in their old condo. their new place is somewhere near their old one. (i forgot it's already been a yr at that place.) (their old condo was a part of 'HyoSung Villa' in KangNam-gu ChongDam-dong, with 6 bedrooms which woohyuk and tony used 2 each(1 as bedroom and other as recording studio) and 2 managers used the other 2)

7. Woohyuk is one of several candidates for the hononary promotion ambassador of DaeGu area 2002 FIFA WorldCup. http://www.worldcup.taegu.kr has this internet voting booth. he's the only singer nominee and has the majority of votes (5,083 out of 6,219 by 10/24), and so foul play suspisions arose and they might do a re-vote. (people! he's just popular and HOT fans are very dedicated-.-)

8. 'Age of Peace' has been nominated as one of 13 candidates for the best film award at 2000 'ChungYong' film awards. 'ChungYong' is the most prestigious and elaborate film awards in Korea.

9. Tony might change his major from drama/brocasting to english. he said he's having hard time keeping up with his major's intense work. 'DongGuk' uni has one of three best drama/brocasting programs in the nation with hardly any lenience and resilience for students like him. (many other colleges have special leniency and give credit for the amount of active hours in real brocasting for students already in entertainment business)

10. A mag interpreted chinese characters on tony's arm as to mean both "i can do everything by myself" and "i can not do everything by myself."

11. Heejun mentioned he didn't have a printer for his new computer on a radio show. the very next day, fans started bringing printers left and rite to his house and now he has too many.

12. Kangta's b-day falls on 11/5 this yr, the very day HOT's OC is going for 'best of best,' 3 consecutive weeks at #1 on SBS 'Inkigayo'.

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