~Park JinYoung, Kim GunMo and Kang SungHoon on HOT and KangTa~

From "bit-gyo" HOT korean website

Source: Park Jin Young's official homepage

- about HOT -
Park JinYoung said:
"I've always told our g.o.d. kids and Ranghyun Rangha to learn from HOT of their work ethics(efforting attitude) and upright decorum."

source: "View" magazine

Kang SungHoon's soloist interview -
"the time was short and also long, depending on how you think.. i haven't done a lot of work in that time. it's like that with people too. there's not a person i've specially contacted more. Only, i talked with HOT's Kang Ta hyong a lot whom i personally like and talked often on the phone from since long ago."

on a radio show last yr, Kim GunMo said about KangTa:
"KangTa's singing ability is great. Sometimes I even get jealous..... he has really pretty eyes, and he's a good guy/boy, very good 'hoo-bae'"


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