Pastel 11 - November 2000 issue



Q: you had photo shoot with 5000 roses, was there any interesting episode?
A: there wasn't really a special episode during the shoot. only, they said they took out all the thorns from the roses but i felt pricks and tingle often. i guess they didn't take out all the thorns.

Q: during album making, when did u miss the fans most?
A: one time i saw a singer come out and sing. when i saw fans cheering, suddenly i missed white ballons and missed our fans and wanted to see our fans very much.

Q: we heard your health isn't good. how's your health now.
A: knee and shoulder were still not good and back waist i hurt last 4th comeback concert is still not so good. but it's not serious and will get better with little rest, so don't worry. because many fans' good wishes, i think i'll get better soon.

Q: you teach kindergarten kids from 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim' corner, did you always like kids? and what was the hard part?
A: i've always liked kids very much. how can you not like those cute kids? but at times, they gave me trouble. normal kids has concentration for only about 5 minutes so when we had 30 minute shoots, many kids didn't listen; when i said "okay, should we sing now?," one kid climbed on the organ, another grabbed and shook the cords and so forth. in times like that, i felt lose at what to do. i guess i need much longer time to become a teacher.

Q: if you were given the freedom to do something other than 5th album activities, what would you do?
A: during the 5th album preparation time, i got a car racer's license. i really enjoy speed in driving. so when given chance, i want to race in a professional racing once. also, i want to enjoy myself in an amusement park.

Q: where do you want to go the most right now? or is there a place you've visited and want to visit again?
A: i want to go to a seashore. before in 4th ablum preparation time, i went to the ocean once but this yr, i haven't even seen it once. how good will it be to completely rest few days by a cool and heart-freeing sea!

Q: i heard you read fanfics sometimes. do you really read them?
A: i hardly know anything about computers. you're talking about fictions coming up on the net, right? i haven't read what characters fans made us to be. but if fans wrote fictions with us as main characters, i really want to read them once.

Q: you said you bought a computer recently. is there a internet site you visit the most when you have time? if yes, what site?
A: i've got connections to the internet now, but i'm not good with computers compared to other members. so i just turn on the computer and do games. also, i've opened a small recording studio little while ago (i'm revealing this for the first time..) and i'm going to move my computer there.

Q: what are the words inscribed into your handphone display? and what handphone ring do you use?
A: my handphone display words are from 17th TM message, and my handphone ringer is the theme song from tv drama "bee-mil(secret)"

Q: what's the most memorable gift from a fan?
A: most memorable gift was a printer. in a radio program, i just mentioned i didn't have a computer printer and fans said they were sad by it and brought new printers to my house. it's memorable not becus of the printer gift, but becus of their hearts' sweetness.


Q: your 'gauk-gi' dance gets more cool each time, but it uses joints a lot. since it puts lots of strain on joints, do u feel any pain anywhere?
A: that's right. 'gauk-gi' is a dance that really puts a lot of strain. but when i'm on stage, i don't feel efforting at all. it's when i've finish performing and come down the stage that i feel tired. but since it's part of my work i like, i enjoy it and don't feel pain in any particular place.

Q: you seem to have become more outgoing in this 5th album activities. according to jaewon, you're as witty as heejun. what is your real self?
A: half and half. sometimes i'm outgoing and other times i'm really quiet. but generally, i don't talk much and usually quiet. i wanted to show this and that, different sides of me this time.. was that strange to see?

Q: what process went into choosing the dance team "Newest" you made recently? and what is its main activities and what are your plans to lead this dancing team?
A: i've chosen most members from D.O.H.C. dancing team friends i've known since 3 yrs ago. this team works as backup dancers and will work as instructors for my 'dance acedemy' also.and next year, we're planning to have a performance with famed dance teams from US and Japan. cham! 'Newest' homepage will also be made. my desire is to bring it up as the best backup dancing team.

Q: you live with Tony. is there any particular inconvenience? and/or good points?
A: no inconvenience, rather there are many good things. i probably feel very lonely if i lived alone, but since i'm with Tony, i'm not lonely and it's really good. and we know each other very well by now, so there isn't any inconvenience.

Q: when you have worries, who do you usually confide in first?
A: depends on the type of worry. for work-related problems, i usually seek advise from Shin SeungHoon hyong, Park JinYoung hyong or D.J. DOC hyongs. for others, i usually talk with HOT members or my mother.

Q: if you were to born again in the next life, what would you want to be?
A: even then, i wish i can have the career as a singer becus nothing can exchange for doing what you love to do. i have no more wish than that.

Q: as you learn hapkido from 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim' corner, what is the most difficult thing and what do you think is the attraction/appeal for hapkido?
A: i've learned 'ta-kwan-do' when i was little, so i thought i can learn hapkido easier than other things. but i was mistaken. day after a workout, my whole body aches. hapkido's appeal is that you can learn it and use it in everyday lives. but it shouldn't be used in wrong acts.

Q: what words are inscribed in your handphone display right now? and what ringer do you use?
A: my handphone display says 'Newest Master.' and my ringer is a normal phone ringer.

Q: how often do u use the net? and what is the site you visit the most?
A: i use the net pretty often. i check e-mails almost everyday and go into newspaper and brocasting company sites a lot. other than that, i don't have a particular site i visit often.

Q: you seem to have a special love for your mother. if your mother was againt the marriage to the girl you love, what would you do?
A: my mother is not the kind of person who would do such a thing. she's supportive in almost all things i want to do. but if she's against it till the end, then i think i'll think about the marriage over, since there must be some kind of problem.


Q: in 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim,' you're doing boxing but why did you chose boxing? and what do you find toilsome in it?
A: i wanted to learn boxing since before. but didn't have a chance to learn it. when asked what i want to learn in 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim,' i quickly said boxing. so that's how i'm doing boxing and since i'm doing it becus i like it, it doesn't really feel laborious.

Q: how often do you go on the net and what site do you visit often?
A: i don't really know how to use the net. i don't usually use the computer for other than games. ah! i went into a card site once for a game.

Q: what words are inscribed into your handphone display and what is your ringer?
A: my handphone display says 'ga-tzeu hero,' simply becus i like the name 'hero' and inscribed it so i won't forget it. my ringer is the 'for eliza'(beetovan). i don't pay much attention to ringer sounds.(ga-tzeu(spelling?)='berserk,' a fictional character, swordsman, worrior,. fantacy character, yet very humanistic in life's trials...tony reads lots of books^^)

Q: what is your most recent dream?
A: a little while ago, i had a nightmare and i saw an apparition and i felt it next to me. i was very scared at first but now when i see an apparition, i simply think 'it's here again.'

Q: who do you think influenced your life the most so far?
A: well.. who is there? thinking it carefully, it's God. but for the reason i'm busy, i don't attend church often these days. before, when i was troubled and wandered, God guided me. i truly thank God for who i am now.

Q: if u find a person you love, what song do you want to have her hear the most?
A: when i think of love, i only think sad thoughts. is it becus i experienced many one-sided love? heehee.. maybe that's why..i don't have a particular song i want a person i love to hear.

Q: what would you do if a person you love turn against you and says she wants to date your friend?
A: i'll simply let her go. and i probably won't see both her and my friend again. i think any one would react that way.

Q: since you live with him, tell us of any woohyuk's hidden secrets.
A: there is not a special secret only i know. i think it's becus we spend more time out of our house than in. also becus of many activities, we don't even have time to really talk these days.

Q: what do you really want to have right now?
A: nothing in particular. but recently i have a lot more interest in outer look things. so i want to have a cool clothes or accessories.

Q: is there something you thought 'i'm definitly going to do this before i die'?
A: i have too many things i want to do.. in greed, i want to live in the most expansive house and drive the most expansive car in the world. dream talk, eh?


Q: your birthday is coming up. aren't you going to have a party? and what gift do you really want for your birthday?
A: even if i want to, i can't have a birthday party becus we have busy schedule and don't have time. and the gift i want most for my birthday is a girlfriend. hmm..can i receive what i want this year?(lol...he said he wants a girlfriend on a radio show too. he really want a girl, doesn't he?)

Q: hearing on the radio, you seem to have a great psychological war with tony. is there a reason for it?
A: it just happened becus i wanted to make the radio show fun. i'm sorry if i made tony hyong fans upset! you know we're very close.(on a radio show, kangta said he's making fun of tony hyong and joking around about him becus he's really close to him and he can't express his affections very well and express them with playful critizing words. he thinks tony's very cute and likes him very much and apologized again.... some ppl! i can't believe these narrow-minded immature fans made him apologize for joking around! can't they distinguish between affectionate jokes and real critisizing!)

Q: what words are inscribed into your handphone display and what ringer do you use?
A: a friend took my handphone and inscribed the words 'if winter is that..,' but i don't know what that's supposed to mean. and my ringer is the #1 sound from the ringer choices in my phone.

Q: how often do you do use the net and is there a particular site you use often?
A: i don't use the net often becus i'm busy. but at times, i go into nepster and mp3 sites. from singers point of view, these sites are not good.. but we can't search for each of them and try to regulate them. i'm really distressed about it. (HOT talked about this in the comeback show too)

Q: in the 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim' corner, you're trying to acquire a sign language license. what words or song do you want to translate into sign lanuage the most after you acquire your license?
A: i'm learning sign lanuage to convey music thru hands to people who can't hear music thru their ears. but it's not easy. i don't have a particular thing i want to translate after getting the license, but to people who can not hear HOT's music, i want to convey that feeling thru sign language.

Q: what CD is in your car audio right now?
A: HOT 5th of course. i carry it around everyday and listen to it. i listen to it often and should listen to it more and practice. so i can show a better performance on stage.

Q: if you were a girl, which member would you want to date? and the reason?
A: personally tony hyong. he has very good manners and is very good to others. but he's good to everyone, so a girl who's stronly monopolistic, he may seem as attractive. but he has perfect/great manners.

Q: was there a particular difficulty in learning sign language?
A: i haven't find sign language particularly hard or laborious yet. but as i learn deeper, i'm sure it'll get difficult. notably, in sign language, happy words need to be done with smiles and sad words with sad facial expression.

Q: was there a time you thought when you met a girl 'i really don't like girls like this?'
A: i really don't like girls who tall tales and is unfaithful. especially girls who tall tales and has lot of hot air, becus they don't seem genuine.

Q: since 'geu-reh geu-ruh-keh' is the next song to perform, can you give us a hint what changes you might make?
A: i don't know if i'll look good, but i'm going to cut my hair short. in this 5th, i'm going to show kangta transforming, so keep in lots of interest!


Q: your 'statue of liberty' hair style is very unique. how long did it take to make that hair? and how do you take care of it?
A: i'm quite used to this hair by now. making this hair took a whole day, and it takes about an hour to wash and touch it up.. it takes less time than people think.

Q: i heard you visit various sites on the internet. where do you ususally visit?
A: these day, i often visit SMTown after all. i look over our schedule and read some posts our fans have uploaded. sometimes, i go into bizarre sites. they really are bizarre/weird. also, i go into different media homepages and carefully check news articles.

Q: what words are inscribed into your handphone display and what ringer do you use?
A: heejun hyong gave me the handphone i have and i still carry it with the words he inscribed. those words are none other than '2nd place comedian' (by votes in mags, heejun was voted the 2nd most popular he's not even a professional comedian) my ringer is a secret.. it's just a simple ringer.

Q: in 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim' corner, i see you're preparing for a japanese communications license. when did you start study janpanese? and how long do you study everyday?
A: i've started studying japanese since spring last year. i've studied diligently for while, but now becus of busy schedule, i don't have time and i usually fall asleep without even studying for 30 minutes. i'm really worried.. i need to study it diligently.

Q: other than japanese, is there anything else you want to learn or do?
A: i have much interest in social culture areas. i want to learn various social cultures in areas such as music, animation and entertainment. if opportunity allows in any time, i'm going to learn about them.

Q: in all this time with other HOT members, when did you feel sorry the most to hyongs? and when did you feel most thankful?
A: i can't remember a particular time, but i think i've inconvienced hyongs many times becus of my stubborness. thinking back now, hyongs have understood me even when i was stubborn for no reason, and i feel bad for that. also, i'm always thankful for my hyongs. no matter how many people are around me, if i'm troubled or fatigued, i seek out HOT members first. they encourage me and comfort me.. my hyongs are the best. (aww.. so touching..)

Q: between clean-cut, fine suit and free, active hiphop clothes, which do you think you looks better on you?
A: suit of course becus of my height, but also becus i think it'll be good to coordiate in different styles. sometimes i want to dress casually too.

Q: what do you usually do inside the car when you're moving from place to place?
A: usually listen to music. listen to rap music, japanese music.. becus you need to listen to a lot of songs for your ability to increase and it helps in composing music too.

Q: what are 3 most important things in your life?
A: family, members, fans. but only 3? there are so many precious things in this world that can not be ranked... health is important, music is important... all these are very valuable to me.

Q: when you're fatigued and ill, who comes to your mind next to your parents?
A: HOT members. they've always gave me strength.and President Kim DaeJoong. i admire him for handling all and any work well.

HOT Style

HeeJun's Fashion Style

Fashion Style
Showing of his distinctive characteristics, HeeJun once again changes for their new song. He says a lot of time has been put in into thinking about his new look and concept to match up to the feel of the song. The ending of the product is a unisex outfit that is also sexy and pretty. The shirt is fit to the waist and above the pants, there is a net-like skirt. A touch of rings and a silver bracelet finished the outfit.

Hair Style
Out of the members, HeeJun's hair is most shocking. Before, he had a yellow toned, long length hair but now he has reddish to be more appealing. For others, it doesn't look good but on HeeJun, doesn't it look just right?

To make his big eyes stand out more, he uses a little eyeshadow and he uses lipgloss that is tinted to go with his hair. His nails is painted white and a darker shade of color to make his look powerful and luring.

HeeJun is wearing mostly silver accessories for his new concept. He is wearing silver necklace, silver earrings, silver bracelet etc, to bring out a more feminine and more cooler side.

WooHyuk's Fashion Style

Fashion Style
WooHyuk has been showing casual looks and this time he has put in a 'cute' concept for the new song. He will wear a log o that says 'WOOHYUK 35' and will wear sporty clothes with glasses that are blue and black framed. Out of all his looks, this is the look wear he will express his fashions.

Hair Style
During the break, WooHyuk has grown his hair to a 'Adam Hair' cut. His semi-long hair is dyed yellow and has curls outwards to bring out the 'cute' concept.

His stern face and milky complexion is much of a point for this look. He doesn't wear much makeup except for a powder that is close to his skin color.

Out of his whole outfit, his accessories will have to be the most attracting. He used his trademark '35' on his rings and earrings and 'Hyuk' on his necklace. He says he designed the accessories himself.

Tony's Fashion Style

Fashion Style
Tony's style has been sharp but now he is showing more of matured and mannish styles. His shirt is fit for his body and his pants are rave style. His shoes are different also. They have been designed to fit the mood of the song and the outfit for him. Throughout their songs, he showed us 'cute' and 'charming' side, now he will show his masculine side.

Hair Style
His hair used to be cute with his hair but he has cut is short and different for a charismatic look. He has always has a hair style that was similar to each other but he has changed it for a different look.

Like WooHyuk, Tony will not wear any makeup in particular. For a masculine look, makeup wouldn't go with the rest of his outfit.

He has chosen to wear a black bracelet and a black marbled ring. Another thing is a tattoo on his left arm. It says 'IlChaeYooAhJo' which means 'All things in society will start from me'. You could say Tony has thinks the same way of their new 5th album. *sorrie, i dont know how these 2 things relate*

JaeWon's Fashion Style

Fashion Style
During 4th album, JaeWon has showed a concept that was more eye catching than the other members but this time he is the opposite from that. Now he is a more 'normal' flow but during performances and shows, he is planning to show a different style so it'd be something to look forward to seeing.

Hair Style
In their last album, his hair was longer but now his hair is more shorter and is casual and relaxed. Though his hair is stil yellow, he changed the style of it, giving a new sense and feeling.

Because in the previous albums, his makeup was more distinctive, he is now letting the makeup go for a comfortable look.

To help him fit the 'casual' look better, there isn't any accessories he is planning to specifically wear but a ring and bracelet.

KangTa's Fashion Style

Fashion Style
He showed a image of a 'dandy boy' and now has changed to a matured and adult-ish side. He is planning to wear leather coats and suit like outfits.

Hair Style
His point for his concept is his hair. He hasn't had his hair slicked back so it's new for the fans. This brings out a sexy image that is also strong.

To make him more dominant, he will wear eye defying makeup and lip gloss but to a point wear you can and cannot tell he is wearing any.

He is planning to wear small hoop earrings made of white gold. The white gold can also be considered to be the key point because it finishes off his 'cool' look.

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