[story] "Jjunie and Hyukie link pinkies to do..."

After school, i went straight to 'fencing' stadium... there were so many fans, uncomparable to 'byul-bam' concert... altho most were HOT fans... anyhoo, ommitting other things... it's a brocast so they don't allow anyone to tape it on a camcoder, but i hid it with a hat and taped it... i didn't see it closely then...but when i watched what i taped at home.. when everyone comes out at the end and sings.. hyukie and danny(from god) play around wit the music sheet and seems to playfully fight with it... and during the song, jjunie says "ee~yeh~" and gives the mike to hyukie who goes "ee~yeh~" too... and those 2 continue to whisper sumthin to each other... 'course i couldn't hear what they're whispering but by jang goon's hand gestures and body movements,.. hyukie points the stage and says sumthin like 'if u run out there first, then i'll follow you and run too~'.... then jjunie and hyukie link their pinkies and make a promise..... how old are they?... ^^;; nehoo, they're really kyoot...*^^* then as soon as jjunie runs out, hyukie follows him and runs too...and afterwards when they come back to their places, those 2 do a high-five....*^^* (lol...) tv today showed mostly HongYul ajussi so they didn't come out on tv much then, but my camcorder continuously taped only jjunie and hyukie... after monitoring it at home, i found jang goon and moon goon ran around on the stage, after hyukie talked jjunie into running and after they even made a promise to do it with linked pinkies... (lol..) they seem to age backwards... but even things like that are bery bery lovable... lol.... they can be so mature and endure so much and yet they can be silly boys too... ^^

source: "darkblue35" from "ae-ee-chi-tee"


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