~Translation of HOT on Seo SeWon Show (10/28/2000)~

HOT on KBS "Seo SeWon Show" (aired 10/28 in korea)

ssw=seo sewon

ssw: ........today in our newly renovated show, i've worried who to ask as the 1st guest, and just timely, they came back with their 5th ablum. they're 5 worriors.. we've invited HOT here! welcome!
(enter HOT)

ssw: sit down.....sit down....(members sit except hj..)
hj: .not before 'sunbae nim'(meaning ssw) sits down.....(laughter)
other members stand again..

ssw: sit ...sit...(laughter)
(all sit)

ssw: when HOT first debuted, they seemed like mischievous boys, but seeing them now... bachelors...eh?... you smell strongly of bachelors now(doesn't mean they smell, means they seem grown now).....................this is your 5th album already, rite?
hot: yes

ssw: ...wow...if this is 5th album, you're considered middle-aged singers... (laughter) ......what is the program you're doing rite now....'super TV'?...
wh: yes... it's called 'ja-gyuk-ji-sim'....

ssw: ...yes.. you're doing that now, eh?.........something like that...long time ago..HOT did that with me... shining shoes and.. (laughter).........rite?..
hot: yes...
ssw: ..we shined shoes....and went to seafood market and we ate fish............and kangta ssi was cold and had runny nose like this...(laughter)...................tony ssi, what are you doing? what u learning there?(in ja-gyuk-ji-sim)
tn: i'm...umm...learing .boxing.

ssw: ah..really?...haha.
wh: tony ssi's image was ...was high-class image...but this time..(laughter.. cus it sounds like he's saying it's not high-class image anymore)......(tony puts his head on his shoulder for a second) ....opposite from high-class image, low-class image? no...(touches tony's arm)....he wanted to liven his tough image this time so....

ssw: (to wh) but why are you following my hair style? (laughter).......when i saw it a while ago, i was really surprised....
wh: ..i went on a PC tongsin(intra-net) yesterday...and saw someone say 'why did u do your hair like seo sewon ajussi.'...(laughter)....

ssw: so what are you learning? (to wh)
tn: i'm not finshed yet..(laughter)

ssw: okay..
tn: at first, i thought of wrestling.....you know sidney olympics just ended...in it, i was moved by westling...............i was gonna do westling but.....i was in a westling team for a yr in high school.....

ssw: oh really?. (tony: so wrestling..)...you shouldn't lie in brocasting...
tn: no no(meaning he's not lying)......so i was gonna do westling but there was one problem....... of course i have the body for it (laughter) but...the line..westling attire is uhh....you know it has this 'line' (stands and runs his hand over his hip) (laughter)...

ssw: so that's why you chose boxing?
tn: yes, since in boxing, this 'line' doesn't show ....(laughter)

ssw: how about you?
wh: i'm doing hapkido.

ssw: hapkido?
wh: yes...if i get a girlfriend later, in places like in a park...so i can protect her (audience does happy screaming)...to become a cool boyfriend like that..
hj: then demonstrate..(touches wh's arm..)
tn: you can protect with wrestling too...(laughter)
wh: how can u protect with wrestling?
(hj pretends to do wrestling by pulling on tn's waist....laughter..)
tn: ah, woohyuk goon practices it too diligently at home......with banging sounds from above floor, he practices it on the 3rd floor....... he makes impressive sounds too ..... hap! ki-do! ('g(k)i-do' means 'prayer'... and 'hap!' itself is a kinda strength-focusing sound...so tn does 'hap!' and then puts his hand together in 'gi-do' as if he's gathering his energy in his hands...... clapping laughter..)

ssw: can u show something of it?
wh: i'll do a...defense move...(tn: i'll demonstrate with him....tn and wh stand up... audience likes that...) ......first, this is a very simple movement.......when a girl gets grabbed by her hand(wrist).....
tn: i'm the.. delinquent student....(laughter)..
wh: when you're kinda far from the guy, step forward like this...and twist your arm with this thin side and push like this....then your hand will come out of his grasp, no matter how strong he is.....
tn: i'll grab it strongly for real..
hj: (stands up) i'll examine it to see if it's grabbed strongly..
tn: ...'line' is important, eh? (poses his body strangely... laughter......heejun pretends to check over their 'lines'...)
wh: here....(takes his arm out from tn's grasp and pretends to hit with his albow....every1: awww~..).... pit of stomach...(moves his albow to show you're supposed to hit stomach pit with the albow..)
wh: this is really hard movement but............one....two.... i'm doing it slow motion.....diagonally down....
tn: aaaaaaaaaa~ ~ ~ (hurting sound)
clapping and laughing

ssw: we're here today with HOT... it's time for star's 'bbang bbang bbang' by famous sayings..
clap clap
ssw: to find out from boys to bachelors to men.... cus it's 'bbang bbang bbang,' has to burst this (holds needle to a balloon on the 1st line of famous saying..)...
ssw: (hesitates and flintches to burst the balloon..) i really can't do it...
wh: i'll do it ... (burst it without a hesitation...... audience: aww~ ~)

ssw: (reading from the poster list)1. alcohol is a mirror to reflect one's charcter
hj: when i drink alcohol, in a position of a baby at birth.. ppl say i sit like this (rolls up his body tight..) and stay like this...and then quietly tears stream down...

ssw: (to other members) have u seen it?
all other members shakes their head 'no'... laughter..
tn: kangta also has a special thing he does...... when he drinks alcohol, he always disappear qui~etly... (laughter)........he doesn't say....doesn't say he's going..... see there's a lot of ppl and as we drink alot, we don't know....but in the end, in one sudden moment, everyone freeze and think 'kangta is probably not here' ... we look around and he's not there.....always he goes home...

ssw: (to kt) do u flee becus of the check(drink bill)??

[sum of what was edited out here:
....kt sed he goes home when he thinks he had enough becus he doesn't want to show himself drunk..(cus if he stays there, he has to continue drinking.... it seems korean socializing always includes drinking..)
....some1 sed wh's face becomes beet red when he drinks alcohol... he just listen to all your problems till his face becomes really red and then when he's beet red, he starts talking and giving advise and become talkative...
...jaewon shows the least outwardly when drinking alcohol...
... heejun really can't drink much...very lil tolerance for alcohol...
...kangta can tolerate alcohol the best.... sed his tolerance is about 2 bottles of so-ju(clear korean hard liquor....strong stuff..)]

ssw: 2. love is laughing short and crying long......this is an important talk, about love.....do u have girlfriends or not?
tn: no.

ssw: everyone no?
hj: i'll really say it truthfully.....no, we don't.

ssw: if u're to choose the 1st condition of your girlfrend, what would u choose first from looks, personality, body figure, and wealth (laughter)
jw: looks half and personality half.
kt: 'course at first, looks.... at first.
wh: for me..truthfully... audience yell out 'wealth' ...laughter (tony's rolling..)
wh: when i look at a girl, i look at the heart ..but it's not that i don't look at the looks either...

ssw: u like it if her heart's 'wealthy,' rite?
wh: rite.
tn: i look at looks but in looks...

audience: line~

tn: 'course 'line' is important (stands and runs his hand over his body line.......laughter..)
tn: more than the 'line,' i look at looks but in looks, i'm not talking the line between pretty and not pretty, but girl that looks good to me.....cus even if i think a girl is pretty, heejun might not think so....

ssw: but if the girl's really pretty, then everyone says she's pretty..
tn: true..
hj: sometimes, one might lie in jealous...even if she's pretty, says 'not pretty!'

ssw: which do u look first, heejun ssi?
hj: when i first meet and talk to a girl, i like girls with lots of 'eh-gyo'(very cutesy way of talk and act).......first, the way she talks...like...

ssw: what way of talk with lots of 'eh-gyo'?
hj: oddly, to which others say 'don't u think she's really 'chicken-skinned'(too much cutesiness)?' i like that.
tn: it's like this...(in a too cutesy and cheesy voice) uh-mo~ honey watcha doing? (laughter)
hj: uh! i haven't seen this much 'eh-gyo'.. this is a great 'eh-gyo'....(hugs tony) i love you.
tony bursts the next ballon and flinches....laughter

ssw: 3. a person, who loves travel and change, has 'life' in him by 'Ba-geu-nuh'
tn: ja.. do a clap (for hj to do word-playing wit the word 'Ba-geu-nuh')
hj: ba...ba..('ba'='look')... geu..geu... ('geu'='that') ...nuh..('nuh'='you')..
clapping laughter..
tn: ba-guh, nuh? ('bak-uh'='head/ram down'......tn does 'heading' act with his head )
louder clapping laughter..
kt: we went on a short travel to JaeJu island (they went in Sept).. in front of our hotel, there was an open extensive grass area..and ocean beyond it... there, looking at the scenery, we were talking about the 5th album and having a drink....when someone came ... someone from far away came toward us saying 'are thee HOT?'...cus i didn't want to be bothered, we said 'no, we're not HOT.'....but that guy said 'i came knowing...u're KangTa'..
tn: his speech was like that..(kt was imitating that guy's way of talking...talks as in old-korean ages)
kt: yeah.. he says 'u're KangTa. will you have a glass of wine?'..(laughter)...so i said 'i'm drinking beer'...and he talked of art...(still imitating that guy's speech)..'God has arranged everything in the world..(laughter)..i'm an artist(painter) and i'm just a tool and means to express that'...like this he was talking about art...

ssw: he's a person who believes in God but was like that cus he's drunk, eh? (laughter)
jw: i asked him 'what kind of picture do u draw?'.. and he said 'nude pictures'...(laughter...)

ssw: if nude, cus tony ssi has a good 'line'..(laughter..)
tony stands and runs his hand over his body line again...(loud laugher)
tn: after that artists went, we were looking at the night sky and talking about our future...all of sudden, something fell suddenly(from the sky)... so surprised... i saw it for the first time.... watching that shooting star, we three made a wish..(tn gathers his hands) (i remember a fan said heejun was kinda sick then and stayed in his room and woohyuk went in early to sleep)
hj: (from the side) please let heejun be healthy..
tn: rite..help heejun be healthy and.. also...wished 'help me make a girlfriend'......(to kangta) continue please.... like that, making a wish... kangta made a wish too...
kt: i knew he(tony) would wish something like that so ..i wished for tony hyong to mature...
tn: but that wasn't it...a shooting star fell, so we 3 thought 'ah, we need to make a wish'...but then suddenly, many shooting stars started just falling..

ssw: u sure it wasn't fire works u saw?
tn: uh no no..
kt: about 3 more fell from the sky..so i wished repeatly 'let tony hyong get mature..let him get mature..let him get mature..' (laughter)
(tony bursts a balloon and flinches again)

ssw: 4. virtue is the basis of business, it says in 'Cheh-geun-dahm'..
tn: Cheh-geun-dahm ssi...yeah, last name Che...

ssw: it's a name of a book...called cheh-geun-dahm..
tn: ah..ye..
hj: ni-ga cha-jeun cheh-eun dahm-wee-eh it da.(='the book you're looking for is on the wall'....playing wit words 'cheh-geun-dahm'....... clapping laughter..)
wh: ee-geh mo-ya-moon-yo, cheh-geun dahm-eun kim-chi eh-yo! (='you know what this is, this is kim-chi made recently' ......louder clapping laughter... and tony does high-five to woohyuk..)
jw: juh-hee ah-buh-ji-ga cheh-geun dahm-bae-reul ggeun-eu-shut-shuh-yo(='my dad recently quick smoking)
approved clapping laughter..

ssw:5. concerning marriage, you'll regret it either u get married or if u don't. but better to regret after getting married. by seo sewon(himself).... i think i did well that i got married.
wh: actually i was a great fan of Seo JungHee(ssw's wife, very pretty and petit, a commercial model and author of couple of books)..

ssw: now u're eyeing hyong-su(sister-in-law)?
loud laughter..

ssw: from jaewon ssi's pt of view, who do u think will get married first?
jw: heejun hyong.
hj: at home..after all schedules have ended when i'm tired and body's in pain...when i go home, always my mother is asleep..becus it's early in the morning and she's asleep cus she's tired...so when i walk in, only our 3 dogs welcome me,(laughter).. and there r times when those kids(his dogs) look like humans to me..they talk to me at times... it's my imagination and ...they say things like 'aren't u tired?'(laughter) 'your meal is ready in the dog bowl, so go and eat..' (laughter) 'i've slightly soak it in water for you' (laughter still)...like that i hear them..i hear hallucinations like that.. so that's when i thought i really need to get married fast..

ssw: who do u think will likely marry a 'yun-sang'(girl older than himself)?
sum audience says 'tony'..
members: yeah, tony...tony hyong...
tn: there's sumthing to it...i kinda feel that too cus... i've grown up alone since i was little... i had parents but they were always so busy that many times i only saw them for less than 10 minutes a day... and i lived apart from my mother all my life..so..

ssw: jaewon ssi, what?
jw: i think 'myun-sang(face look)' is important ('myun-sang' sounds similar to 'yun-sang'....jw's so odd^^)
heejun walks over to jaewon, says 'i'm sorry' to ssw and pretends to beat him up^^

ssw: we're talking about 'yun-sang' women and he says 'myun-sang'
jw: if u like and love, it probably won't matter whether noona or dongseng, 'yun-sang' or 'yun-ha(some1 younger than yourself)'.

ssw: now lets do a 'talk box'(a corner in his show that the show does for real after this 'star' talk show corner)
heejun rolls the dice and it lands with 'indivisual doings/talents' on the top...and heejun hold it up like ssw's asisstant do in that corner of the show......laughter..

ssw: 'indivisual talents' came out first before going into 'talk box'....so then, what indivisual talents r there? how about heejun ssi?
heejun does imitation of 'Chuky'..

ssw: that's really similar..
hj: i have Cha ImPyo sunbae nim one too..
hj: i had practied Cha ImPyo sunbae nim's voice but Lee SangMin sunbae nim did it so i quit that during practice ...Cha ImPyo sunbae nim's work-out scene..
heejun imitates that workout scene of Cha ImPyo in the drama 'Bul-ggot'.... loud laughter..
wh: we'll show u as a group..
all members do that imitation -.- ......louder laughter..
hj: jaewon ssi just stayed still.. till everyone started doing it...(and imitates jaewon doing that..) laughter...
wh: first i want to say 'i'm sorry' to Clone hyong nimdeul...i'll imitate Clone..
wh: (covers his face w/ his hands) anyonghaseyo, this is Clone...(laughter)
then, heejun stands in front of woohyuk and imitates/exaggerates Clon movements while woohyuk does voice imitation of Clone behind him to that first hit song of Clone..
loud clapping laughter..
kt: i'll try to imitate the voice of Bae Chul-Soo ssi in his radio program..
heejun puts black strip over taya's upper lip for a mustache...
kt: (in Bae Chul-Soo's voice imitation) anyonghaseyo... again... anyonghaseyo, this is Bae ChulSoo at 6 o'clock music camp..today, HOT members are here with us..
approving clapping laughter...
hj: (in a dif voice) uh..i'm a sum newspappers' sumthin reporter, how do u feel now that u've done a comeback?
jw: (in a Seo Taji imitating voice, covering his face) ha..anyonghaseyo, this is Seo Taji ... i'm very happy to meet you after 4 yrs and 7 mnths..
loud approving clapping laughter
(all members were very very similar to who they imitated ^^)

kt: there is a kinda unique hyong among our managers.. he's not fluent at korean.. one day when we're going busily cus of schedule.. beside us, a different singer manager, a SM manager of a different singer, becus that singer needed to go to Koryo Uni, asked him urgently... putting his car rite beside ours, he asked 'sunbae sunbae, how do u go to Koryo Uni?'.. and that manager (of HOT), while he was driving, blinked his eyes slowly and said 'Koryo Uni? mm.. u can go if u study hard.'
loud clapping laughter....
ssw: kangta #1!

ssw: it was fun today wit u HOT.. uh..for closing, to fans, heejun ssi?
hj: we give deep thanks to u who didn't forget and waited for us and as much as u've waited, to return that great love, we'll repay it with cool music and perspiring performances on stage.
clap clap...

ssw: this was a 'special meeting' with HOT. (to HOT) thank you!
seo sewon ssi shake hands with each HOT member...

the end.

Notes : translated by kelli


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