~I Love Stars 01 2000~

QA : We Asked HOT

Q. Who likes their cell phone the most?
Hee Jun: Me
Woo Hyuk: Hee Junnie.
Tony: Hee Junnie.
Kangta: Hee Junnie hyung.
Jae Won: Hee Junnie hyung, I think he really loves it. -100% Hee Jun

Q. These days DDR is really popular, have you guys tried it?
Hee Jun: Of course we know DDR is popular these days! Iíve been wanting to try it but I havenít had the time.
Woo Hyuk: Iíve barely tried.
Tony: I have it at home. I bought it myself but I donít do it much. Itís not the big machine type at arcades but itís one of those you connect to your computer. But these days Iím playing with video games a lot more then before. Although I donít play with DDR much Iím play STAR CRAFT whenever I get the time.
Kangta: Iíve never exactly played. Oh yeah, Iíve played with the joystick when Tony hyung was playing with it.
Jae Won: Iím not very good at DDR. But out of our members Tony hyung plays Star Craft pretty well.

Q. Not long ago **coordi got married, who was the most envious?
Hee Jun: Obviously it was me. Iíve said it before, but I want to hurry up and get married. If I only had someone Iíd want to get married right nowÖ
Woo Hyuk: Herm, it seemed like all the members were enviousÖ
Tony: Everyone was envious but I think Hee Junnie was the most envious. (I love star-I would suspect Tony would be the most envious) Oh no. I wanted to get married after 30.
Kangta: Me.
Jae Won: Me, I want to get married in my late 20ísÖI would like to meet a girl that would be able to give each freedom in our relationship.

Q. Which member can make the most diverse and tasty ramyun(cup-of-noodle stuff)?
Hee Jun: Kangta.
Woo Hyuk: Kangta
Kangta: Me. I can make a really diverse meal using just some ramyun. First you break the noodles into parts and cook it. Then you poor out most of the water and add beef powder, peppers, green onions, etc. Cooking the noodles the same way if you add the soup/powder then it becomes a side dish. Using my method will instantly give you a full meal.
Jae Won: Kangta hyung. Awhile ago we had a very interestingly cooked ramyun. It was some what like a side dish ramyun meal and when you mixed with rice it tasted really good.

Q. These days techno is really popular, do you have in interest in this new fad?
Hee Jun: I do listen to various music typesÖI donít have a specific interest in techno though. Techno is usually one of the types of music I run into while listening to diverse music.
Woo Hyuk: Iím not specifically interested.
Tony: I have no interest. I used to listen to Prodigy but these days I donít exactly want to listen to the music style of songs like ď666.Ē (I love star-but itís really popular lately.) If we were to follow by popularity then Iyah would have been techno.
Kangta: I donít listen to it much. Especially the techno thatís really popular these daysÖbut I do listen to European techno.
Jae Won: I donít go searching specifically for techno but when they do come on T.V. and shows I tend to listen.

Q. Do you read a lot of books these days? The most recent book youíve readÖ
Hee Jun: As you know since we have no timeÖ
Tony: I havenít been able to read books in awhile. I did read some comic booksÖthe most recent comic book Iíve read is ďJjang.Ē
Kangta: Not long ago I read a book called ďUhmuhniĒ (mother). Itís a compellation of many peopleís thoughts.
Jae Won: ďIMF wah un roneĒ I read a very diverse amount of books like (IMF and Speech), ďDdan Ji Eel Boe,Ē etc.

Q. The CD thatís inside of your audio system at home.
Hee Jun: TLC
Woo Hyuk: Coco Lee
Tony: Itís only been 1 week since we moved so I havenít been able to unpack. So I donít know where my CDís are. The most recent CD Iíve listened to is Puff Daddy and 2Pac. No matter how much I listen to their albums I canít help but to notice theyíre really good.
Kangta: The CD that Iíve produced. Also Puff Daddy and Fly To The Sky.
Jae Won: Eminemís ďMy name is,Ē TLCís ďUnpretty,Ē and a new singer named Yoon Hee Joong.

Q. When do you really not want to go onto a broadcast?
Hee Jun: When we canít express ourselves the way we want to. Also when we donít want to do somethingÖfor example when we need to go onto a program that doesnít match with our image.
Woo Hyuk: When my body is tired from our packed schedules. When they donít allow us to show ourselves the way we want to because of their stupid broadcasting rules.
Tony: These days thereís not many times where I donít want to go onto a broadcasting. We rarely do shows we donít want to do. The shows that we donít want to do are usually the shows that donít match with our image.
Kangta: Programs where the audience is criticizing. I also donít like doing shows where they say while weíre doing a show that the other shows had more people watching.
Jae Won: When we canít express ourselves freely. When we get phone calls from places like YMCAís. (no clue what heís talking about)

Q. What foods do you guys eat often?
Hee Jun: Thereís not a specific food but we eat just about everything!
Woo Hyuk: flower wick (directly translatedÖdonít know what that is)
Kangta: I take a lot of extra eatables between meals. If itís crackers Iíll eat anything.
Jae Won: There is none. The thing I canít eat is tomato juice. I can eat tomatoes but I just canít drink tomato juice.

Q. The member that gets the loneliest?
Hee Jun: I would think itís me? Because I need to hurry up and get marriedÖhaha.
Woo Hyuk: ME!
Tony: Me.
Kangta: Tony hyung. He doesnít like to be alone.
Jae Won: Tony hyung and Woo Hyuk hyung. Because theyíre separated from their parents.

Q. I know thereís probably barely any chances of you guys going to KareokeÖbut what do you like to sing when you do go? Do you sing any H.O.T songs?
Hee Jun: Yeah, we rarely have time to go KareokeÖ
Tony: Although itís been awhile since Iíve been to Kareoke, but when I do go I tend to sing a lot of 015Bís songs.
Kangta: Since Iíve become a singer Iíve been to Kareoke exactly twice. (OMG!) When I did go I usually sang Lee Seung Chul and Lee Sung Hwansí songs. Also 015Bís ďuh di sun ga na eh no rae eul deud go ish neun nuh eh geh.Ē Our songs? I never sing them.
Jae Won: I sing H.o.Tís songs.>

Notes : Translated by : 4tAnG

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