Taya said.......

Hello, this is HOT's KangTa....
I wanted to say that I am sincerely sorry for disappointing and
worrying all the fans...

Distracted for the past couple of weeks, my heart did not have the
time to look around the surrounding situations, but not too long ago
through the newspaper and internet, I was able to make sure of what had
been going on and so I decided to say a few words like this...

As the cause of the problem, I'm not sure if I can say this to everyone, but..
I wish that you, the fans, will refrain from posting messages that
defend me unconditionally so others, who are not fans, will be able accept
my heart and actions of self-restraint.

I am going to endure any kind of criticism that has to do with violating
the law and regulation of society.. and I am deeply reflecting on my mistake.

Also, the members and I wish that at least our HOT fans will be able
to be acknowleged as discreet people with healthy thoughts and actions.

I am very sorry that I will not be able to meet all of you on stage
for a while, so in place of that I send my Christmas message
through "Silver Bell" which I made for our carol album.
It is a song I prepared as I looked back at myself due to this incident.

Then, until I come back in a more better condition,
good bye...!
Thank you for your encouragement and comfort.


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