~Tomato magazine "HOT in China"~

Source: "Tomato" magazine
I got it from "five angels" website

HOT in China
HOT had a CF model contract with Chinese 'Sim-yang Nong-sim Inc.' and came back after the secret filming in China at then end of November.
HOT received $100,000, the best guarantee pay in China, and were able to confirm their explosive popularity to the Chinese young generation right now.
27th, the day HOT arrived at the China airport.
We don't know how they knew, but tremendous Chinese fans fervently welcomed HOT with placards.
Because of fans, who somehow found out and followed to their hotel and even to the commercial filming scene, HOT couldn't even dream about going out of their hotel other than the fixed schedule.
Right now, blasting wind of HOT popularty is hot in China. Clothing in duplicate imitation of HOT's stage clothing from their first to fifth album are selling like hot cakes, and it's a craze to sell different clothing and fan accessories with HOT members' names printed on them.
Staff who went with HOT said they had to hear HOT music or see HOT music video on display monitors in almost every store they went.
You know now how popular HOT is in China, right?
The commercial filming mainly incorporated performances and also used local Chinese fans as extras.
Since the background music was 'Geureh Geuruhke,' members wore Geureh Geuruhke's bright casual clothing. But taking into consideration of local popularity, 'Outside Castle' performing images also will edit into it.


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