~Tony Ahn~

Real Name: Ahn Seong Ho
English Name: Tony Ahn
Birthday: Seoul, June 7, 1978
Height: 175
Weight: 58
Blood Type: 0
Religion: Christian
School: senior at Dong Guk University
Nickname: Sohn Oh Gohng, Rah Myun, Bae Chu
Candy Number: 07
Candy Color: Red
Favorite food: I like everything
Favorite color: black, white
Favorite genre of music: music that is comfortable to listen to
Favorite word: words used when complimenting me
Favorite style of clothing: delicate
Favorite musician: H.O.T (does this say too much?!)
Stress relieving method: punching a sand bag, playing video games
Jinx: My face is always swollen when I have something important to do
Habit: none
Hobby: boxing, computer games
Talent: ???
Most valued object: the people around me
Ideal girl: not sure
Most touching movie youíve seen recently: itís been a while since Iíve watched a movie
Most touching book youíve read recently: ???
Outlook on music: The music that the public likes is the best music.
Your motto: live kindly

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