~View 11 2000- November issue~

It's been really a long time and I really wanted to see you. I didn't know so many of you guys will wait for us, and to you who keep loving us unchanged, I hope my music will be the return more than anything else.

I'm sorry that we're late but thank you for loving our 5th album which we put our hearts in it. There won't be many word expressions towards you, but we'll express by our sincerely made music and stage. Keep watching us.

Hello, everyone. H.O.T came back. Waited for such a long time? As much as the time you waited, we'll keep returning. Fighting! H.O.T fighting!

Fans! I'm really sorry that we made you wait for a long time. But we did our best to show you H.O.T without disappointment, so please understand and we'll show you good features. Please observe H.O.T's future activities. Take care, everyone and be happy.

The resting time was really long but thank you for waiting, and I think your ever sweetness is still same. We'll keep try our best so keep watching us. = I don't know if this is official or not.. But HOT is planning to appear on TV-neun Sarangeul Shidgo which is a program where they find old friend's of celebrities.. ((shinhwa was on it b4 too =P)) Only HeeJun and WooHyuk oppa are going to be finding their old girlfriends.. ((probably from elementary school or junior high..))


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