My Profile :

Name : Tjoeng Cia Ni
Nickname : ....Well, just call me Cia2 or Cia Ni
Birthday : November 27 1982
Height : 165
Weight : ?????
Blood Type : 0
Religion : None ^^;;
Family : Mom, Dad, (I'm the only child ^-^)
Hobbies : Internet, Music, Reading, Games, Cute stuffs, Anime and manga, Web design.
Fav. Gassoo : H.O.T, Shinhwa, Fly To The Sky, Click-B (But the most I like is H.O.T!! H.O.T Fighting!! KangTa forever!! ^^)
Fav. J-Star : Hideaki Takizawa.
Fav. Colors : Pink and Purple
Fav. Music : Hip Hop, Rap, RnB.
Fav. Anime : Rurouni Kenshin, Majutsushi Ophen, CardCaptor Sakura, Ranma 1/2, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Inu Yasha, etc.
Fav. Sports : Volleyball
Fav. Style : Casual
Fav. Drink : Water, Tea or Lemon Tea
Fav. words : "Camen"
Fav. rpg games : Final Fantasy IX (The Coolest game I ever played!! ^^) and Rhapsody (Puppet Princess)
Fav. Characters : Zidane Traibal (From FF9, He's the most adorable thief hehhehe...), Himura Kenshin(Well...who can against his style of fighting???), and....Fou-Lu(From BOF4, I like his white hair), Son GoKu from Gensoumaden Saiyuki (So...cute ^^) and Inu Yasha from Inu Yasha.
Fav. Couples : Himura Kenshin & Kamiya Kaoru, Zidane Traibal & Garnet, um...Orphen & Creao ??? ^^;; Inu Yasha and Kagome =)
Dislike. Character : Crayon Sinchan (Nuts, Ugly, Rusty, Rats, Mean,......, etc) -> I dunno, I just don't like -_-;;
Dislike. Food : Chili and Onions
ICQ Number : 91624742
Email addy : or
Meet me in IRC with nick and channel : choti_girl / #japan

Any broken links ?? Just email me !! Any comments or just wanna make friend with me just send ur email to me, I'll be happy to reply it. =)