~Woo Hyuk~

Real Name: Jang Woo Hyuk
Birthday: Taegu, May 8, 1978
Height: 176
Weight: 58
Blood Type: 0
Religion: Buddhist
School: Junior at KyungKi University
Nickname: Hammer Boy
Candy Number: 35
Candy Color: Blue
Favorite food: I like everything
Favorite color: ice blue
Favorite genre of music: new jack swing, R&B, hip hop
Favorite word: If it isnít a curse word, I like it
Favorite style of clothing: clean hip hop
Favorite musician: Teddy Riley
Stress relieving method: sleep or meet up with friends
Jinx: none
Habit: none
Hobby: scratching, basketball, remote control cars, video games
Talent: dancing
Most valued possession: instruments
Ideal girl: looks are important too, but more importantly, a girl who can make my heart and even the hearts of surrounding people, comfortable
Most touching movie youíve seen recently: Seven
Most touching book youíve read recently: Sam Gook Ji
Outlook on music: make music that is nice to listen to
Motto: the scariest thing on Earth is a weak sense of self-respect

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